Day 195: A Day of Celebration

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. June 15, 2017.

First off I just wanted to apologize for the late blog post. This post was suppose to be posted on June 15, but right now, as I’m writing this, it is currently June 16. You’re probably not gonna believe me when I say this, buuuuuuutttttt… I feel asleep again lol. I slept from 7 PM to about 12:30 AM lol. I haven’t eaten dinner and I’m kinda hungry right now, but it’s a bit late for dinner. I’m just gonna post this blog post and go back to sleep. There’s a lot of things to talk about though.

Alright let’s start this post off! This morning I had a Vietnamese hoagie and it was really good lol. I haven’t eaten one in and while and it was a great way to start the day :^)! Useless information, but this is what you signed up for 🙂

Jk, let’s talk about something more juicy. Today was the last day of Spirit Week and the White Team was determined to win. The last event that we had to win was Quarter Wars and finding Waldo hats. Now to win Quarter Wars, you just needed more money than the other team, the Blue Team. So what did we do? We asked everyone to bring in money and boy did people bring in money, holy shit! Now I only brought in $20 dollars because I am broke and poor and I spent so much money the previous weeks and couldn’t really ask my parents for more and I kind of feel bad for only donating $20 dollars because the amount of money other people donated was INSANE. A guy named Andrew brought in $500! “The Asian Girls” (Vivienne, Jackie, Rebecca, Tina… there might be more, but that’s all I know of) each brought in $100 each! Ziwen brought in $100! My boy Longteng brought in $200! I think Billy brought in $100 too! Damn, like these people were balling out and here I am only donating $20 lol. Makes me feel bad.

Anyways, we wait till the last few minutes to dump all our money into our jar and holy shit was it satisfying to see all that money go into our jar. When the Blue Team saw this, they got scared and a guy named Roberto Simcardio decided to drop a $1000 check LOL! And holy shit, boy was the White Team heated. We thought we straight up lost because of that $1000 check.

The day goes on! During lunch, we’re looking high and low for a stupid ass Waldo hat. The blue team already had 2 hats and we had 1. When I said we searched high and low, we searched high and low and both teams couldn’t find the hat.

Comes 4th period and it’s time to announce the winner of Spirit Week. They announced the winner of the Jelly Bean guessing event and OMG we actually won that! That’s all thanks to the one and only Nathan Kimchi lol. You remember him right? The boy who got robbed of being leader of his own goddamn club? Yeah that guy. Thanks to his crowd source averaging, we got the right amount of Jelly Beans and secured like 250 points? or was it 200, not sure, but it was a lot. Then they announced the winners of Quarter Wars and damned, we flexed lol. With or without the check, the White Team raised wayyyy more money than the Blue Team. We raised 4.8K. 4.8K FAM! Damn! The Blue Team only raised 2.1K (without check) and 3.1K (with check). And then the moment of truth. Only being 37 points apart, only one team won Spirit Week 2017 and that team is none other than… THE WHITE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!

WE FUCKING DID IT! WE WON! WOOOOOOOOOT! LOL!!!!!!! 37 POINTS! LOOOOOOL! HOLY SHIT! You don’t know how good it felt to beat the fucking Blue Team. 9 years of losing! But that all stops in 2017! No more stupid ass Undefeated chants because the Blue Team got destroyed! Especially the Seniors. The White Team had their moment and we were yelling and screaming the halls because we hyped as fuck! It’s time to start a new legacy :^)!

I just wanted to give a special thanks to Abel, who won us 300 points alone by winning Pie Eating and Jello Eating, and Dan, who won us Capture the Flag and he’s sanic so…

Of course, the Blue Team was super salty. They accused us of cheating LOL! Some of them were even crying LOL! Stay salty~

So yeah that was pretty cool, but you know what else is pretty cool? I GOT ACCEPT FOR MY FILMMAKER’S SUMMER CAMP THINGY! I got a scholarship too! A $1000 program for free! YESSSSSSSSSSSS! I’m so happy lol! Time to learn all about filmmaking! I’m so excited!

Today was a good day!

🙂 I’m happy for once and I rarely say that lol!

Well, that’s it for today. Gonna catch some zzz!



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