Day 193: Awards

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. June 13, 2017.

I love waking up late! It’s one of my favorite activities :^) Haha, I should probably go to sleep earlier. Last night I was up watching Riverdale. It’s pretty good :^) Murder mystery and some drama on top. Not bad, yo recomiendo que tu veas.

My favorite character so far is none other than Veronica Lodges. At first I thought she was just the typical bitchy rich diva character, but then I learned that she’s the bitchy rich diva character with daddy issues hehexd. Plus, the diva personality helps πŸ™‚ No, but seriously, poor Veronica. When she’s trying so hard to reform, but her father is too busy being a criminal businessman and her mother is having an affair.. zzzz. Also Archie is a dick. Can’t stand this guy.

Today was a half day because of the excessive heat lol. It went into the upper 90s today xd. Today we also had the award ceremony, where they give all the successful students awards. Did I get an award? Of course not LOL! Every year, around this time, I just get slightly more depressed because I know I’ll never be recongizned for the greatness I am :/ Feelsbad fam! Oh well~ My boy Billy stole the Spanish award from a student who got it for the past 2 years xd. Also Srisa got like a bunch of awards as usual. What else is new? Why can’t I get an award xd. Answer, it’s because I’m not good enough. Dana/Joey were robbed of the precalc math award. RIP feelsbad. Also, I love how teachers can fuck up the pronunciations of some names. My favorite being Luteng Hu hehexd.

Speaking about RIP Feelsbad, my boy Nathan got robbed of leadership of his own goddamn club. So Nate runs a club called Science Olympiad and he seems pretty damn passionate about it. He also found the club and is practically the sole leader of the club. However, yearbook decided, for no reason, to cuck Nate and named two random people as leaders. Dafuq? That’s just fucked up. How are you gonna strip him from his own club? Injustice fam. #JusticeForNathan2k17

I got my English final back and goddammit. I got an 84. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was on a role 😦 and then I just had to fuck it up with English. Noooooo! This ruins everything qq. So much for that all 88% +/- for my finals UGH! Close, but, not good enough. SIGHHHHH! You want to know another tragedy? I HAVE AN 89 IN SPANISH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCKING KILL ME! You know how much that hurts? It hurts a lot! IF I ANSWERED 5 MORE QUESTIONS CORRECTLY ON MY FINAL, I COULD HAVE GOT AN A! NOOOOOOOOOO! UGHHHHHHH! Sigh. Unlucky. I had a slim chance, but no dice.

I think that’s about it for school. Moving on to after school.

So Billy invited 7 other people to his house and we had fun. We went to ACME and bought lots of snacks and then ordered pizza at his house. I killed my taste buds by eating the 2x spicy ramen. It’s soooooo goooood, but it’s so spicy 😦 The pain is unbearable lol. It won’t go away. Like at first you won’t feel it, but then out of nowhere from the back of your throat comes the spice and then it just stays on your mouth and lip area and ugh. But it tastes so good lol.

We played some Just Dance, this time with Ziwen. La Natural xd. Of course Ziwen would be good at Just Dance. Too bad I’m better :^)! Lol jk, we’re tied 1:1. I’m not good at dancing, but I’m good at embarrassing myself and flailing my arms, so if anyone wants to 1v1 me in Just Dance πŸ˜‰ Holla at me~ LOL :s

Alright some random. You know what I hate? I hate having to act fine. You know when you’re not fine but you have to act like you’re fine or else people will start catching on that your not acting normal? Zzz. Especially when you’re with people zzz.

Tomorrow is Field Day, or what I like to call it, White Team Vs Blue Team Clownfiesta Edition. If you win an event, you’re a hero. If you lose an event, everyone hates you. RIP! No inbetween.

What else? I don’t know, think that’s it.

Well, hope everyone had a nice day.



5 thoughts on “Day 193: Awards

      1. Yeah I was talking to one of my friends who’s also super into Riverdale and we both thought it might be Hiram as well but you never know.


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