Day 192: Hot and Spicy

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. June 12, 2017.

Today was hot, very hot. Disgustingly hot. Like it was pretty humid in the morning, but it only got worse as the day went on.

I walked out of the house without my blammo spoon and I only remembered when I got to school. The scariest couple of minutes of my school life lol. I don’t know who has me, but whoever has me won’t get me :^)! Does the person who has me even know who I am ouo? Like you barely find me anywhere at school.

Anyways, it’s another Monday at school and it’s the end of the year so like no one gives anymore.

Today we had middle states again, for probably the last time this year. We did a photo scavenger hunt, except I didn’t have a group so I was just wandering the halls with Ting Ting’s group and I’m pretty sure his group mates didn’t like me because they kept question why I was with them. Like does it really matter? And it wasn’t like a one or two time thing… literally every 3 minutes they would ask why I was with them and I would explain that I didn’t have a group lol. They must not like me 😦

After that was math class. We started to watch a movie called Hidden Figures. I remembered when my teacher said she would teach after finals LOL, how times have changed. My teacher kept talking throughout the movie :/ So rood! Like am I watching a movie here or am I watching some commentary?

The next class, physics, we also watched a movie. This one was about Stephen Hawkings. I was a bit confused how tripping and falling down triggered ALS, but then realized that the ALS caused the falling. The more you know!

During lunch we tried to make onigiris. It was a mess lol. The rice was hella sticky! We had spam and crab meat. I didn’t actually make a riceball and just ended up eating the ingredients separately. It was great. Lots of seaweed and sriracha mayo. 10/10!

As I was heading to my next class, Keely just random ran directly into me. Seemed very sus. Maybe she has me for blammo lol. I don’t think you just run into people out of the blue lol.

In Spanish, we watched another movie called A Better Life. It made me very sleepy, but Ms. Gentlesk wouldn’t let me zzz. 😦

In gym, I just played BS with some peeps.

In APUSH, we really didn’t do anything. Teacher wasn’t even there.

In English, I was just waiting for the day to be over.

When I got outside… oh boy was it hot. Global warming is a bitch 😦

It was 95 degrees today. Like I said yesterday, I made my way to H-Mart today to get me some Samyang Extra Spicy Chicken Ramen because I like to burn off all my taste buds and tongue. Traveling in 95 degree weather is a no-no. Lol being outside was literally hell. Once I got to H-Mart, I immediately saw the noodles lol. They were right there and they were on sale too! Only a dollar off, but any deal is a good deal 🙂 I bought 2 packs :^) Gonna go over to Billy’s house to go eat them. Mwahahahahahahaha. I did the same thing last year and it was pretty funny.

You see, I’m the kind of person who acts nice by buying people mouth numbing fire noodles and then enjoy and laugh at their pain as they try to eat them. Kind of sadistic and fucked up if I put it that way :^)! I just like to think of it as me buying people good ramen that just happens to be really spicy.

I have 10 packs of noodles, 2 packs of 5. Here’s how I plan to distribute them. At least 3 for me, Billy and Ziwen. 2 for anyone else that comes over. At least 1 for my sister. At least one for Billy’s sister if she wants one. And that leaves 3 packs to give away :^)!

But that’s all tomorrow.

I started watching Riverdale, well, only the first episode. I’m trying to watch some more soon. The first episode was pretty good and left on a cliffhanger, so definitely want to continue soon. :^) Thank you Jackie for the suggestion! (well not really suggestion, it was more like I saw it on her snapchat and then I was like hmm maybe that would be a good show to watch since I’m done binging House of Cards might as well give it a try you know what I mean hahaha this is a long note) New show to binge.

In other news, like finals new:

Apparently I got a 99 on my math final. I mean, I didn’t get it back yet and to be completely honest, I’m skeptical to all hell about my grade because there is no way I got a 99. Like I honestly think it’s a mistake or something or maybe the final was heavily curved or some shit like that because I don’t remember doing so well that I get a 99 lol.

Also I got a 100 on my APUSH documentary. So far, so good. I might actually reach my 88% goal for all my finals lol. All that’s left is English.. gg.

Alright, that’s gonna do it for tonight. Hope everyone had a nice day.



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