Day 189: Bowling

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. June 9, 2017.

Alright today was a pretty fun day I guess. Lots of things happened. In a separate post, I’ll rant about how we got schemed but not here.

Okay so the day started off with me waking up late LOL. I slept from 5-11 yesterday and I couldn’t fall asleep last night and that translated into not being able to wake up on time. Luckily I was not late! Let’s play a game :^) Take a shot every time I say something about my sleep schedule lol cause it’s so fucked up. I just woke up from a 7-11 nap today.

First the first two period of the day we had a dance-a-thon. Basically we just danced and tried to raise money for the dance program for next year’s juniors. We raised like $600 and our goal was $1500. Ehh. Anna wanted to dance with me, but I noped out of there real quick lol. Legit, I would rather dance with anyone. I would rather dance alone/be a loner than dance with her hehexd. Is that mean? Oh well. My boy Ziwen wanted to dance with Joey, but he got rechazado. Dancing was pretty fun, except I didn’t remember any of the dances so I really had no idea what I was doing. But do you know who was really having fun? Kevin lol. His hips don’t lie hehexd.

Nothing really happened during lunch.

In English we had to do this matching except with authors shit. Lol, she really thought we were gonna do some stupid activity lol. Nope.

In Spanish we got our essays back! NEWS UPDATE! I DIDN’T GET A “C” ON THIS ESSAY! YOUR BOY CAN STILL GET HIS 88% AVERAGE FOR LE FINALS! :^) I just need to do well in English and Math hahaha… nope.

In physics we played Kahoot. It was fun.

Then we had the lip sync contest. I cheered as loud as I could lol. I lost my voice from screaming lol. I’ll talk more about it next post.

After school I went bowling with Billy, Ziwen, Jason and Srisa. Today I learn Billy is good at everything he touches lol. This guy is a god. He fucking blew us out of the water. My new favorite friend is the gutter hahaha. I’m so trash 😦 I got 2nd place and then 3rd place. Feels bad man!

After bowling, we went to Chili’s. I got myself probably one of the messiest burgers I ever had in my life lol. I should have just gotten a salad.

I spent so much money today. Around $30 dollars rip! No more going out or spending for at least 1.5 weeks :0!

Okay that’s it for now. Time to work on this spicy salty rant!



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