A Spirit Week Rant

Spirit Week isn’t even over yet and I already want to make a Ray’s Rant #10: Spirit Week 2.0 lol.

Spirit Week, where did it go wrong? Oh wait, that’s right. When the administration decides to change the fucking rules out of nowhere! Man I love me some rule manipulating blue biased peeps :^)! I love me some rigged system. h4h4h4h4h4 so funny.

Now normally I wouldn’t give a fuck about stuff like this, but like I said in yesterday’s post, I’m reformed. And being reformed means I’m not gonna just sit here and take bullshit geez.

The thing that pissed me off the most is the water collection event. So basically, THE ORIGINAL RULE WAS: WHO EVER BROUGHT IN 100 GALLONS OF WATER FIRST GETS 150 POINTS. IF THE OTHER TEAM ALSO BRINGS IN 100 GALLONS AFTER THE FIRST TEAM, THEY GET 100 POINTS. Obviously this didn’t happen or else I wouldn’t even be so mad. The white team (my team) brought in 100 gallons of water first. The blue team bought in 200 gallons of water after WE REACHED 100 GALLONS OF WATER FIRST. Now, if we played by the rules, anyone with a brain would tell you that the white clearly won because ACCORDING TO THE RULES, you just needed to bring in 100 gallons of water first.

What ended up happening was both teams were awarded 150 points. That’s complete and utter bullshit. I get it that the administration has the absolute last say in who wins what, but you have to understand that the decision they made is not fair. You have to play by your own rules… you can’t pick and choose which rules you want to follow. Dafuq. The rule was first team to 100 gallons wins 150 points, second team gets 100 points. That’s it. The white team get 100 gallons of water turned in first and we should have been declared the winners then and there. It doesn’t matter if the blue team had a total of 200 gallons of water, that wasn’t the point of this event. It was about quantity and speed. 100 gallons as quick as possible.

What I’m trying to say and what I’m repeating over and over again is that the white team should have been the only winners and the blue team should have been dq’d. Why? Because they were tampering with our shit and cheating. Some blue team members thought it would be funny to label our water jugs with blue Bs. Like what the fuck? That is just unacceptable. Just from that action alone, the blue team should have been dq’d from the water event. That’s not sportsmanlike at all.

Now you might be wondering why I care so much and that’s because I’m honestly sick of the blue team and their stupid uNdEfeAted chant. That shit is annoying. They’re annoying. They can all die in a whole hehexd. I just want a fair playing ground and this is clearly not a fair playing ground. We biased as fuck up in here. We giving blue team pity points up in here. Where’s our pity points hmm?

Alright so today was the lip sync competition and some shit went down. Some messed up shit. Somebody or multiple somebodies fucked up or maybe it was an inside job. So here’s what happened. The blue team went first and their audio was fine. The white team went and their audio sounded muffled. The blue team went and their audio was fine. The white team goes and their audio is literally nonexistent. Hmm… tragedy strikes again.

Of course the white team was outraged. How come when we performed, our audio was all fucked up and shit? Then literally the worst thing happened. Our dean got up on the stage and throw the white team under the bus. Maybe throwing is an understatement. She RKO’d the white under the bus. She fucking Seismic Toss the white team under the bus by saying that the white team submitted faulty audio. Basically making us look bad and making the white team look like a bunch of incompetent people. However, that wasn’t the case because every other person thought it was a tech issue (WHICH IT WAS). But was anything done about it? NO. Nobody did anything to try and fix the audio. Instead, they made our group go with barely audible audio. It wasn’t until after our group went that they tried to fix the audio. And guess what? They blue team was going next and surprise surprise, their audio was fucking crisp. ‘

Now I don’t know about you, but seems a bit sus. Blue team gets perfect audio while the white team gets shaft? Like we must be super unlike or this it’s rigged. But hey, who knows.

While I am mad that this did happen, what I don’t condone is people yelling at the sound person and making him/her cry. That’s a bit fucked up.

What I am mad about is this:

When the blue team legit hogs the auditorium, how the fuck does the white team get any practice in there? Also, if it’s been “broken all week,” then why hasn’t anyone done anything about it. And I still don’t buy it. How does it just magically work for all of the blue groups and magically fail for all the white ones. It’s just too coincidental lol.

We ended up losing and got one team in third place. Their first place team was actually pretty good, but their second team place did the same performance they did last year and it wasn’t that great…






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