Day 184: The Countdown #6

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome  back to another blog post. June 4, 2017.

I’m finally done crying. Spent the entire day yesterday being all sad and moody because I fucked up on the reading section sooooo badly.

I slept a lot today. In fact, I think I slept for about 11 hours in total. I went to sleep at 4 AM yesterday because I was working on my APUSH documentary, which is due on Monday. I started around 7 PM and got done around 4 AM. May or may have not procrastinated or fell into moods of depression in between.

Woke up at 3 PM. That’s a great way to start your day by the way. Half your day is already gone lol.

Finals are in two days and I barely did any studying. I cracked open my math book and did like 5 chapters of review and that’s about it. I’m having PTSD from trig identities. Basic identities and having to prove them, double angle, half angle, power reducing. Stuff of terror.

I have my Spanish listening tomorrow lol. I should probably look over some vocabulary for that.

I’m doing what you should never do for the finals and that’s the study the weekend + days before strat. I plan on studying math and physics tomorrow and then language and math on Tuesday and English on Wednesday.

Shout out to Tara and Gabbi for making Physics/Spanish studying guides.

I feel like I should be more worried, but I’m not. I’m like one foot out the door already. Done with this shit lol. 3 more days. Things that I’m worried about: the Spanish essay portion and maybe math. I still have to study for physics, but I’m not really that worried about physics. I actually like physics and I’ve done pretty decent throughout the entire 2nd semester. I just got to brush up on something things. Some of my favorite topics were during the 2nd half like circuits, simple harmonic motion, sound, etc…

I always, always do bad on Spanish essays lol. I don’t have the knowledge to write one on the spot lol. I remembered for the midterms, my Spanish grade was one the knife’s edge  lol. Shout out to Ms. Gentlesk for having pity on me 🙂

My goal for all my midterms is to get at least an 88% or higher combined.

If I manage to reach this goal… I don’t know… I’ll do something nice :^) like treat someone to ramen or something. Haven’t had ramen in ages!

Okay that’s all for now.

G O O D  B Y E!

have a nice day




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