Day 181: The Countdown #3

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. June 1, 2017.

That’s right, it’s the countdown #3. Where’s #2 you ask? I don’t know. I’ll look back at this one day and ask the myself the same question: Where the fuck is the countdown #2? And that’s when I get to remind myself of the glorious covfefe xd.

I only started to realize that the SATs are in 2 days and then I have finals the following week and that I’m not prepared and I didn’t study enough. And once you start thinking about it, the panic settles in.

You see, I already took the test once and I didn’t do too well. So I have to do better this time. As in, I must do better or at least get a better super score average. However, I’m not confident in my skills to do well. Lol :/ I’m no Srisa/Nathan/Billy/Ziwen/Tara/Any other smart person, nonono. I’m dumb as fuck. I don’t have the same potential of improving as let’s say a person who’s smarting than me. Well I do, but I don’t. So yeah, things aren’t looking too well. I’m scared. Legit scared lol. RIP. You know, only my entire future depends on this stupid test… no biggie. I probably should have studied more… ahhhhh. I’m hoping for at least a 100 point increase.

Today was my Spanish speaking part of my final. Since I don’t know how to speak Spanish fluently off the top of my tongue, I memorized a script lol. I memorized some questions that I might ask and the answer to those questions. I had it done to a tee lol. Surprisingly, I was pretty calm and collected lol or as calm and collected as I could be. Want to know a person who wasn’t calm or collected lol? Vivienne. She was freaking out xd. Pretty sure she could have died from cardio arrest any second. I actually had to go today lol. My partner was James and we had a nice small conversation lol. 3 minutes flew by quicker than I thought. Kind of a funny moment: I almost asked James if he got along with his parents, but then he told me that they were divorced and I was like “oh shit my trump card,” so I had to back track and come up with another generic question like “Do you get along with your siblings :^)” A small stumble, but it wasn’t that bad. Lol, better today then tomorrow.

Sigh. I have to survive the next 7 days and then after that, I shall reward myself with stuff.

But first, I must get through those 7 days. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Help fam!

I feel like I’m just gonna end up being a failure in life. Maybe I’ll get lucky.. :/

Okay, I should get going. I still have to work on my English thesis and take a shower and do some non calculator math stuff.

Hope you all had a nice day.



one of my favorite tracks


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