Day 175: Late

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. May 26, 2017.

It’s my friend’s Joey’s birthday. Happy birthday :^)!

So yesterday I may have lost track of time and maybe worked a bit too late into the night xd. I went to sleep at 4 AM and I forgot to set my alarms, so I ended up waking up late today. It was 7:30 AM when I woke up and today was a half day and I really, really didn’t want to go to school because I was gonna just come home 5 hours later. The only reason I went was because I need to return the tripod I borrowed from Jackie and to give Joey her present.

I end up getting to school at 8:35 AM, just 5 minutes past first period. We went over the math quiz we took on Monday. Made lots of silly mistakes, but still got a pretty decent score. Class flew by, which was great.

We did nothing but chat in APUSH because exactly what can you do in roughly 30 minutes? Nothing xd.

Spent lunch doing nothing too.

In English class, my teacher wanted me to share parts of my short story, but that shit is off limits xd. I ain’t here to get judged by 20 other people xd. Plus I didn’t even finish or get to the most exciting part of the story, so there’s that.

In Spanish, we looked at two different versions of the Lego Batman Trailer, one in Spain and one in Latin America.

In Physics, we went over our quiz. The one I thought I failed, but turns out with a little bit of curving, I didn’t fail. 17/18 isn’t that bad right? xd! Remember when I said that whenever I don’t know the answer, I like to write super weird responses to get a reaction out of Mr. Lebold. Well… behold:


They are corrected with the tears of students who don’t know the answer xd.

After school, I went to eat at Bonchon, again lol. Their wings are soooooooo goooooood.

And then when I got home, which was around 2:30 PM, I crashed and slept until 9:30 PM LOL.

RIP. Don’t sleep too late guys, not good for your health.

I need to finish my documentary script today and review the 3 interviews and pick out some good quotes.

But first I have to eat dinner xd!

Okay good bye fam. Have a nice day!




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