Day 174: “NARUTOOOO”

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. May 25, 2017.

The title was brought to you by a random kid who decided to scream “NARUTOOOOOOO” damn the hall and to all the other kids who had to walk behind him. Made my day.

I couldn’t wake up this morning. I was late for tutoring and ended up not going. Not very responsible of me rip.

In math class, we went over different types of graphs. It wasn’t the most entertaining class I had. I was really tired and ended up putting my head on my desk. Mrs. Sui wasn’t having any of it and she was like: “Heads off the desk!” Lol, it wasn’t like I was sleeping or anything. I was just putting my head on my desk. Geez… After that, I sat there looking ultra bored.

In physics, well… In physics I took a nap. I napped for the entire period. You want to know why I like Mr. Lebold so much? I literally slept through his class and he didn’t say anything about it lol. See he understands :^) As long as I show up with the results, a little shut eye isn’t that bad… right? Except recently I’ve been taking too many Ls in physics.

During lunch I tried to prepare myself for the Spanish test I was going to have the period afterward.

And then Spanish came and well, not a good time. I fucked up pretty bad. I spent too much time on certain sections and overall failed to manage my time properly. Feels bad. The last test before the final and I fucked up big time. SIGHH

Junior seminar was a bore. Nothing interesting happened besides towards the end of the class when the teachers got butthurt over a comment Annica made lol. When questioned why she took a book in such horrible condition, she replied with, “well, it’s still readable.”

In English class we went over the English final. Basically, it’s a question about life that can be answered using the books we’ve read during the year. Sounds pretty dumb lol. It’s gonna require a whole lot of BS.

And of course, in APUSH I did nothing but chill.

After school, Tina and I got our 3rd interview for our documentary project. We just need to put the thing together and make it look pretty 🙂

I did a whole lot of procrastinating today. I’m shocked that Lincoln finished most of the science lab today. This is actually a first since I did like 90% of all the labs by myself. It’s nice 🙂 I also have my Writing Workshop to finish, it’s due tomorrow, along with some math homework. I also have to write a card, but that’s probably gonna occur around midnight.

Once again, I failed to do anything productive. Bad signs :/

Well off to do my homework!

Have a nice day~



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