Day 171: Title Here

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. May 22, 2017.

It’s Monday again… great. School… great. Waking up in the morning… great. Sleeping at 2… great. My life… great.

So the results of my school election were out today and just like I thought, my boy Abel got smashed :/ Feelsbadman.

We had a math quiz today on sequences and we spend the first half of the period reviewing, which in my opinion really didn’t help. Overall, it was really easy and I think people were making a big deal out of nothing, but then again I did fuck up on like 2 questions because I’m a moron who accidentally divided the 2 from 2an LOL. RIP! Test is next week hahaha… Bitch please.

In physics we talked about mirages, except I really wasn’t paying attention to anything at all. There’s a pop quiz coming up because it’s a prime number quiz (#13) and I probably should pay closer attention in class, but I just don’t feel like it. The Ray who cared is gone lol.

During lunch I just complained about how tired I was.

In Spanish we did some worksheets and reviewed the grammar. I still haven’t started studying for the test on Thursday.

We did more fitness testing in gym class.

I didn’t do anything in APUSH because my group is in the other class xd and I didn’t have a laptop and apparently we’re suppose to be filming, but we didn’t even start writing the script yet so LOL. Well then… Also filming myself with only myself is kind of hard… you know 🙂 It’s okay, the pressure still hasn’t got to me yet so w/e.

In English class we did something. I don’t know. I was pretty much just fucking around ouo. Jk, I actually did the critical analysis assignment in class so I didn’t have to do it for homework.

On the train ride home, I complained about how tired and hungry I was.

I watched Dear White People on Netflix. It was only 10 episodes. It was okay ouo, not really my cup of tea. Still looking for shows to watch on Netflix, please recommend me stuff!

Some fucked up shit happened today. Apparently 19 fans died at a Ariana Grande concert due to an explosion and several other fans got injured. This is some super fucked up shit… Why the fuck would you attack a concert. Is your life that miserable you have to fucking kill people to make yourself feel better? It’s horrible. I hope they find the person who did this and I hope he dies or gets severely punished. It just makes me so angry. I’m just confused on why people have to do things like this, it pisses me off.

My condolences and prayers goes to all the people who were affected by this tragic event :/


The world is a shitty place.




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