Day 169: A Silent Voice

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray welcome back to another blog post. May 20, 2017.

Alright so this post is gonna be about a new anime movie called A Silent Voice. Here’s a link if you’re interested in watching it! You should probably go watch it before reading the rest of this post because you know, spoilers and stuff :^)

To avoid spoiling the movie for you guys, I’m gonna type in the same text as the background after this. So if you want to read it, just highlight your page. If not, go watch the movie.


Alright. A Silent Voice isn’t Kimi no na wa, but it’s still a pretty good anime movie. The basic gist is that there’s this new girl at school and she happens to be deaf. She ends up causing a lot of trouble for the other students in her class because she can only communicate with her notebook and she can’t hear/communicate with anyone really. Shit happens and then a bunch of kids (including our main guy) decided to bully the new girl because they’re a bunch of douchebags. However, only the guy gets in trouble. All the other bullies turn against him and basically sell him out. Everyone hates him now and he has no friends because he now has the reputation of bullying the helpless deaf girl. A couple years past and now everyone’s in high school. The main guy is now suicidal and he tried to kill himself because no one likes him. He doesn’t succeed. The main guy reconnects with the deaf girl. Pretty sure he likes her or maybe he just feels guilty for bullying her when they were in elementary school. 

Fast forward a bit, the main guy starts reconnecting with some of his old friends he had back in elementary school (before the bullying incident). Fast forward some more, everything goes to shit and the black haired girl blames the deaf girl for ruining the main guy’s friendships with all his past friends. The deaf girl feels bad and she decided that suicide was the answer. So during a firework festival, she “goes home” and then tries to commit suicide. HOWEVER, the main guy (who had to go to her house to pick up her sister’s camera) sees her and he saves her. In the process, the main guy falls from the building ledge into a nearby river. He gets hospitalized. Everyone is now sad because damn the main guy almost died. But don’t worry, the main guy is safe. Stuff happens and it’s a pretty happy ending. Watch it for yourself, I don’t do a good job explaining it at all lol. 

My favorite character has to be the deaf girl’s sister lol. She’s pretty funny.

It was a pretty good movie and definitely worth the two hours. The animation is great and it gets pretty tear jerking at times. However, the plot is kind of predictable. Like I knew someone was either going to do or commit suicide.

Is suicide the answer when you’re the cause of everyone’s problems? Who knows…

Would it make it easier for you and the people who are hurt by you? Who knows…

How would you treat/deal with a deaf girl in your class? Would you help her, ignore her or end up bullying her? I would probably ignore her because it’d be a hassle trying to communicate with her and I don’t have the patience. 

Okay, that’s over. How is everyone doing? I really didn’t do anything, but I probably should have. It got really cold today, or well colder than yesterday. I’m not sure how it dropped 30 degrees in one day… Global warming, stop it!

I played League of Legends for the first time in like a week and a half and I got tilted off the planet of the Earth. I remember why I hate this game lol. It doesn’t bring any joy anymore.

Earlier today my boy Abel was hardcore flaming his friend on Discord lol. I thought I was toxic, but holy shit… this is some next level flame. Legit, someone needs to get him some anger management xd!

What do you do when you don’t feel like sleeping at night and you don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning?

Finals are coming up and I haven’t started studying yet.. RIP! What am I going to do with my life lol. I can already see myself breaking down in the near future due to last minute studying lol.

Well I really don’t have anything to talk about today rip.

Hope everyone had a nice day! GOOD BYE!




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