Day 168: Easy Friday

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. May 19, 2017.

I couldn’t come up with a better title lolxd. Oh well, not like they matter anyways :^)

How is everyone doing? So hot today :/ Why is it so hot! I don’t appreciate this weather. I know I was complaining about it being like 40 something degrees last week, but an increase of 50 degrees is insane.

Lol I couldn’t fall asleep last night. Just way too hot. I tried to sleep at 2:30 AM, but pretty sure I feel asleep at either 3 or 3:30 AM lol.

Today was a good day and the only reason why it was a good day was because I didn’t have to see, hear or deal with Mrs. Sui. She was absent (PAPA BLESS!). Basically a free period. I didn’t really do anything. I glanced over my science notes, but that’s about it.

My APUSH teacher also wasn’t here today. Another free period were we basically did absolutely nothing.

Then during lunch I was just chilling with some peeps :^) I didn’t understand why everyone was studying for physics because I thought it was pretty easy, but seeing how people were reacting to it made me think that I should study more. But I didn’t cause I ain’t no insecure 11th grader who gets peer pressured into studying xd.

PSA: Never drink Joey’s coffee. It’s like drowned in milk. It tasted like coffee flavored milk… disgusting lol. Pretty sure she added like half a gallon in there xd.

After lunch was writing workshop. Basically a free period too. Yesterday I spent some good time writing the end of the prologue LOL. I’m not writing a short story anymore, it’s just a full blown one take. Just a couple of pages away from the juicy stuff. Getting there… eventually…

My Spanish teacher was also not here today LOL. All the teachers decided to dip for some reason xd. We went from the library to room 406 back to the library. I felt betrayed :/ I don’t like walking up stairs for no reason. Our class was extra unlucky because our sub found the lesson plan while the other class’ sub lost theirs and they didn’t do anything. INJUSTICE! I mean, I still didn’t do anything in class. Save it for the weekend 🙂

When physics rolled around, I had a quiz. As I thought, it was hella easy and nothing to worry about. I sit next to Lincoln and when we both reached the second problem we were both like: “What the fuck, how do you solve this” lol. It was kinda funny xd. Only he didn’t know how to attempt it xd. Overall, very easy.

And then came the best part of the day: The Student Government Election…

There were 3 positions: President, Vice President and Treasurer

Of course I voted for my boy Abel, but I’m pretty sure Gabbi won. She seems pretty popular with the entire high school, got more cheers and overall has better chances. Not saying Abel would make a bad president, it’s just that I don’t think he can beat Gabbi.

Only one person ran for Vice President.

Two people ran for treasurer. One of them was obsessed with the school store that has been closed since forever and is dusty as hell. The other one keep saying that he was in 9 extracurricular activities.

After school, Billy, Longteng, Kevin and I went to get food. It took us awhile, but we decided to go to Halal Guys. 100% regretti. It’s not worth it fam! Street Halal is so much better than Halal Guys. It’s cheaper and it tastes better. Wasted 10 dollars today :/ Kevin decided to invite Jihua and yeah, everything went South. It was a bad time. 200% regrettis. Geez.

On the way home, a stranger lady asked if I could call her cell phone. I called her number and it turned out that she left her phone at her work place. Feels bad. She got off and went to get it lol. I always feel sketchy when strangers ask if you can call their number. Like what if I get murdered or some shit like that? 100% regretti.

Alright, I think that’s it for the day. Hope you guys had a nice day!





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