Day 167: Hot Damn

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post! May 18, 2017.

Damn half of May is already over… In fact, there are only like 20 or so more days of school left not including the weekends. Cannot wait until the school year ends! I’m just tired of school and waking up and life in general. Feel me? xd.

Alright, today I had to wake up early to get to school early to tutor little kids because responsibilities… that’s why. I went to sleep at like 2ish AM and woke up at 6 AM, so that’s a solid 4 hours of sleep! Your boy πŸ™‚ No seriously though, I have issues. What’s sad is that I kinda got used to only running on 3-5 hours of sleep. Doesn’t mean I function like a proper human being, but I get by.

Anyways, I woke up and made myself some cereal because the most important meal of the day is obviously breakfast and cereal is obviously the world’s easiest meal to make and because that’s literally the only thing in the house to eat :/ Like a normal person, I poured myself some cereal and then went for some milk, but when I got the milk I realized it was the green milk (2% reduced fat for those who don’t know) instead of the red milk (1% whole milk). I was kind of disappointed :/ Lol apparently my brother is too fat for his height and now my mom’s all about eating healthy for him. Come on though, I need my red milk :/ green milk just doesn’t taste the same. It tastes like weird water.

So there I was with my Honey Bunch of Oats (the best kind of cereal) and yeah. That’s my breakfast, I thought you should know cause you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day even though I skip it like 75% of the time.

It was/is still hot as hell today. I think I’m melting in my bedroom as I type this. Unfortunately, I don’t live in a white family so no AC for another month or two or until it gets really hot or stays 90 for weeks. Sad stuff. It’s uncomfortable hot. I don’t like summer weather :/ Bring back spring weather fam!

I got to school and helped a girl with some math. She was learning about surface area of prisms, cubes and pyramids. Today I learned I’m not a good artist. JK, I already knew that lol. My shapes sucked.

After that, I swooped down to get my second breakfast from Abel’s campaign. He’s running for high school president and he’s up against a girl name Gabbi. Waffles and Nutella… killer. Of course I’m voting for my boy Abel because I’m a loyal friend :^) and I think he deserves a chance. I mean Gabbi is qualified and all and she is a nice person and all, but I think she’s really full of herself. I’m in her advisory and often she shit talks my boy Abel. Like come on :/ that’s not sportsmanlike. She thinks she’s gonna win and she thinks she should win and if she doesn’t then she feels like the Student Government next year will be shit.

Not gonna lie though, Abel is up against some tough competition because lots of people like Gabbi and they’re gonna vote for her and it’s probably gonna come down to a popularity contest. Oh well #fighting.

Ok. Sometimes I wonder if I didn’t have math class first period, maybe I wouldn’t be so drained for the rest of the day. Just a thought, you know. You never know what could happen. I have another quiz on Monday and I know absolutely nothing. Sounds great right? Story of my life so far is basically not pay attention in class, last minute study and luck it through. Easy money.

There is a physics quiz tomorrow on stuff we just learned today. Did I pay attention to anything we learned today? Not really. I probably should’ve. It’s all about refraction… Coolio.

During lunch I had to go and be present as a tutor in a 9th grade club, but the sponsor was proctoring test and Mrs. Monaghan kicked out all the 9th graders lol. She hates them because they use her classroom as a lunchroom :/ Lol, she let me stay there and we talked for a bit and then I took a nap for the rest of the period.

In Spanish, we spanished. I have a test next week and like always, I really don’t know how to use any of the grammar lol. Aiming for an A this time, but probably getting another B if I’m lucky.

In Junior Seminar we talked more about my not-so-favorite favorite book Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be. I have Asian parents okay, explain that shit to them. I don’t like this class.

I don’t like English class either. We don’t talk about English class.

Ms. Vecsi was not here today for APUSH class and we didn’t have a sub so we played some 7 UP and Mafia. It was okay.

After school, I went home and took a nap. It was only a one hour nap, but when I woke up I panicked because it was 6:30 and I thought I slept for 12 hours and it was morning the next day and I panicked because I didn’t do any homework lol.

The only homework I have to do is writing this stupid Writing Workshop “short” story. It’s not a short story, it’s a long as fuck story. I don’t want to write this long as fuck story even though I think it’s pretty cool. I need to get further into it, but I’m barely scratching the surface UGH UGH.

Let’s talk about something fun. I plan on buying the Samyang 2x Spicy Ramen on Amazon lol. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically 2x as spicy as the Korean Fire Noodles. Why you ask? Because it’s fun I guess? Lol, the noodles are actually really good and tasty… the spice not so much. I do it for science. I know the original Korean Fire Noodles are spicy as hell, so what is 2x as spicy? Death πŸ™‚ It’s hella expensive though :/

Alright I really need to get to expanding this story. Hope everyone had a nice day!



oh yeah my hair is crazy long right. Need a haircut asap.


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