Day 166: Koreana

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post! May 17, 2017.

How are you doing?

Remember that job interview that I completely fucked up on and said that there was no way I was going to get the job? Well, I was right. Today I got rejected :/ Jk, I’m not sad. I wasn’t expecting the job anyways. I fucked up so hard on my interview lol. I just wish they were a bit harsher with rejection you know xd. It was basically a copy paste message. Oh well, I’ll find other ways to fund my Canon EOS M3/M6 goal.

Today is soooooooooooooooooo hot! It was like over 90 degrees today! INSANE! Lol, the heat made me feel extra sleepy and I ended up taking a two hour nap. To make up for that time, I’m going to try and keep this blog post as brief as possible. So I’ll only talk about the things I cared about today lol.

Starting with the (not so pop) pop quiz in physics class. Now I wouldn’t have known this if my friends didn’t tell me we had a quiz. Lol recently, I’ve been getting really lazy in class. Most of the time I don’t even pay attention in class and I don’t even try on my homework either. I know, this is bad behavior and it’s probably not the best habit. But it’s okay, I promise! I make it up on test day. The night before the test, I study hardcore and basically learn the entire unit in one night. Usually it works out.

Anyways, had a pop quiz on mirrors and lens. I don’t actually think it really was that hard, but then again I had knowledge that there were going to be a quiz. It was basically just (1/q) + (1/p) = (1/f). There was this stupid question about Archimedes using a bunch of shiny brass shields as a mirror to direct sunlight and defeat an entire Roman fleet. The question asked if this was reasonable and I said no because the mirror would have to be pretty damn big and plus, you would have to sacrifice your positioning. I don’t know, I think that was one stupid question. Everything else was fine and fair game.

In gym class we ran the Pacer today. If you don’t know what that is, well it’s basically you run back and forth between a set distance and you have to make it before the beep. Over time, the beep intervals get shorter and you have to run faster and faster to make it. I managed to get 70 laps! Yay, proud of myself lol. I’m pretty sure last time I got like 54 or 55 or something along those lines. I think I could have keep going, but I stopped at 70 because it was a nice even number xd.

After school, Tina, Joey and I went to interview some professor about mental illness and mental institutions. The guy was really nice and chill lol. He gave us a lot of information and managed to answer all the questions we had. He also referred us to even more people to interview, which is pretty cool. Lol 17 minutes in and my SD died on me xd. Had to start recording on Tina’s phone. Godddamn… trying to hold a phone and not have it shake is so hard. My fingers were cramping lol.

After that we all went to eat some Korean food. We all happened to get spicy food dishes, which probably wasn’t smart of us. It was like 90+ degrees outside and the last thing we needed was spicy food. Lol I was sweating like crazy. I got myself what I usually get, Bibimbap. Lol I had like 3 different kinds from 3 different places (H-Mart, Bonchon and Koreana). I should probably try something new, but ehhh. There’s so much variety xd! Plus the sauce is really good ^_^! It’s not really that spicy.

After that, I hopped in a Joey’s friend’s car and thought I was gonna die. The person driving ran 2 red lights lol. Probably the second most dangerous car ride I’ve been in the past week, the first of course being the driver who accidentally drank vodka and still drove. Cool beans.

Today was the Spring Concert, but I didn’t go cause I’m a loser lol. I promised Billy I would go back during the Winter Concert, but I lied. I went home and slept.

Alright, that’s about it for now. I’ma go shower and then proceed to do Math, English and Spanish homework. Yay me?

Hope you all had a nice day! GOOD BYE!


here’s another Twice song better than Signals

I’m debating whether or not I should apply for the WHYY Summer Filmmaking Program. Sounds like fun, but then again I don’t know :/



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