Day 164: Game

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. May 15, 2017.

How are you guys doing? I love it when I decide that I’m going to write a blog post, I forget literally everything I want to write.

Just a friendly reminder that you probably shouldn’t go to sleep at 2:30 AM when you have school the next day. Yeah I don’t know why I keep doing that to myself. I mean I woke up fine and everything, in fact I woke up early enough to eat breakfast. Everything was fine until the 2nd bus I took never came and when it did come, it was full and I didn’t get on, so I had to wait for the one after it.

So in math class we’re all generally confused because our teacher taught one lesson for one day and then decided to move on even though people were confused. She did go over some homework problems this morning, but I still have no idea if I understand the material or not. She then went into the next section and we learned about stuff. I don’t remember. What I do remember was when my teacher was like, “Math is like a game.” That got me thinking back to my Algebra 2 teacher who also compared math to a game and always said we just needed to find the rules to the game. Lel.

We had physics second, but we were kicked out of our original room and put into the lunchroom. I don’t know how you expect me to pay any attention in there. Needless to say, I was not paying attention. I don’t think anyone really was lol. Behind me was a book club. A bunch of people reading Oscar Wao xd!

During lunch I was just chilling. I got hit in the face with a couch. That’s cool. During lunch we were talking about the one and only Longteng and how wonderful he is. Him and his pale skin and doctor legacy. We were also talking about Billy’s favorite, JC 🙂

In Spanish, we read a poem about a dragon’s kiss. It was a bit weird. Out of nowhere, Mrs. Gentlesk was clawing my head and I was like what the fuck. Kinda weird, but also kinda funny.

In gym we did gym things like run and play golf.

In APUSH, I was doing some more research on my topic. Still have no idea which direction we’re heading with this documentary, but that’s okay. Wing it! Also during APUSH, Mrs. Vecsi legit let Walker leave the building. He had to check on some program that was only open during that time.

In English class, Mrs. Avelin was extra snappy today. 10/10 did not enjoy her class.

I went to practice today xd. That’s right, no stupid passive aggressive text for me. I shouldn’t have gone because everyone’s busy with States and shit. No one pays attention to the developing players today.

Fun Fact: Ziwen sprained his ankle and has been out of tennis for 4 weeks going to 5 weeks now. Anthony sprained his ankle and has been out for 5 days. LOL, okay there… sus or nah?

Alright story time!

So I asked Anthony for a ride home since I didn’t feel like taking the bus and he said yes. He was also giving a ride to Justin and Will. So we’re putting our stuff in the trunk and Anthony finds a random bottle of water in the trunk and takes it. He then takes the bottle and drinks a mouthful. Now fam, when you find a random bottle of water in your trunk, you probably shouldn’t drink it. It turned out to be vodka LOL. He decided to drive anyways and I was sitting shotgun and a bit worried that I was gonna die xd. Everything turned out fine. He got lost for a bit, but that’s okay.

I just woke up from a nice nap. I don’t have school tomorrow :^) YAY! Not like I’m gonna do anything tomorrow, but oh well.

Okay, I’m done for the day. Hope everyone had a nice day!


im just gonna leave this here


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