Day 162: Lazy

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. May 13, 2017.

You know what I love doing? Absolutely nothing the entire day. Alright, that’s a wrap. End of post :^)

So last night I decided to go to sleep extra late for no reason. I think I was up around 3 AM doing everything but sleeping like a normal person. As a result, this morning I woke up at noon even though I set my alarm for 9 AM LOL. I really hate waking up late on the weekends because I waste like 3-4 hours just doing nothing but sleep. I mean I could be using that time to do other things like wasting my life on the internet.

It was really cold today, like unexpectedly cold today. It’s the middle of May and the temperature still drops to 50 degrees. Disappointing. Come to think of it, the weather recently has been really cold in general. For the past week, the highs were around the lower-mid 60s and the lows were like higher 40s-lower 50s. It’s May! Why is it still so cold? Global warming please stop doing global warming things! What’s funny is that next week it’s going back to being around 70 degrees. The weather is really wacky.

Along with the cold weather, it was raining today. Basically, even if I wanted to go outside, I couldn’t or else I would get wet. But I did anyways because I like getting wet 😉 No the really reason was I needed to kill a few hours before I could safely return home. Now silly me didn’t think it was really that hard, so I walked out of the house without an umbrella. Silly me got drenched. And this is how you catch a cold peeps, but I don’t get sick so… no cold for me 🙂

I played one rank game and that was enough to want me to smash my head against the wall lol. Everyone was trolling and we lost. I think I lost some brain cells during that game. Feels bad.

As usual, it’s a Saturday and I do like 0 homework on Saturday. I leave everything for Sunday.

It’s just another one of those days where nothing happens. Feeling lazy and not wanting to do anything. That’s me :^)

Recently one of my favorite songs has been Agust D – Agust D. I never really read the lyrics, so I had no idea what the song was actually talking about, but the song was still pretty hypee even though I didn’t understand it. After reading the lyrics, damn. I never knew Yoongi was so savage lol. It’s a great song. Sad that I didn’t find this early, it’s like 271 days old xd.

While exploring the internet I also came across another gem. It’s just a random video of a Taiwanese girl singing and dancing to Beep Beep I’m a Sheep on a train lol. Something about this video is just so funny and entertaining lol. Watch it for yourself, it’s worth the 2 mins.

Another gem on YouTube is PSY’s newest song New Face. I know I said that on yesterday’s post, but damn this song is so goddamn catchy. Something about PSY that makes me love his songs. Maybe it’s the ridiculous MVs. They’re so random lol. Also, love my some random dabs :^) Not to mention them dance moves. 10/10 would be jealous.

And while I’m just posting video from YouTube on here, I might as well post this too! Jk, I don’t have any more videos to share. That’s enough videos for like 4 more blog posts.

Okay to end this post, how would you answer this sentence?

I’ll be happy when _______?

Here let me help you 🙂

I’ll be happy when I stop being so depressed~

Okay, that’s it for today. I’m gonna try to at least do one piece of homework before I go to sleep so I don’t feel like I didn’t do anything at all today. Hope everyone had a nice day and have a nice night ^_^

My name is Ray and I will be seeing you guys later~


quienes saber un secreto?
yo te amo



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