Day 161: Ice Cream


Hey there, Ray here and welcome to another blog post. May 12, 2017.

Hola mis amigos, its me Ray! I just woke up from a 3 hour nap lol. It’s been a long, fun and extra cold day and I think I might be sick again lol. I’m not sure, so don’t quote me on that one, but I still feel extra cold in my room, which happens to be the warmest room in the house.

Alright, like I said yesterday, today was the NHS breakfast and induction today. That meant I had to wake up earlier and guess who actually woke up early today? That’s right, it’s your boy Ray. Your boy up at 5:45, eating Popeyes chicken for breakfast and drinking some good old milk tea. Yeah, I might have some odd breakfast choices, but I need to fill my stomach with something. You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Oddly enough, I skip breakfast often.

Anyways the NHS breakfast was pretty nice, there was a nice array of food. Mostly pastries and stuff. I was too lazy to make myself a bagel. All the guys wore a long sleeve dress shirt and I was the only one wearing short sleeves lol. Stood out like a sore thumb, but oh well. Oh yeah, some funny things happened during breakfast.

  1. So Joey’s mom came to the NHS breakfast and me trying to be funny, I was like, “Hey Ziwen, it’s your mother-in-law ;)” Su suegra.
  2. My boy Kevin (Kelvin/Kevon) walks in dressed all nice, but he didn’t get into NHS (rip).
  3. Kevin comes walking in with a lint roller… Legit comes walking in with a lint roller in one hand and a dress shoe in the other.
  4. Ziwen asked Kevin for his belt and he took off his belt and handed it to him (LOL).
  5. Ziwen awkwardly puts on his belt and people laugh at him lol.

It was one interesting morning. There was a total of 23 inductees. That’s like 3 less then last year’s juniors. RIP we got dumber xd. There was a whole assemble for the inductees and we got nice certificates and we lit candles and shit. It was pretty cool except for the fact that no one can pronounce my name correctly lol. I don’t know why they didn’t practice names ahead of time. I’m surprised Qian Qian’s name didn’t get butchered. People usually have a hard time with that one. Poor Qian Qian. Ziwen got hot wax on his finger and on his certificate xd.

We got to skip first period, which is litty. You know what was first period? Math. I’m glad we got to sick it :^) Okay so apparently in math class my teacher just randomly decided that we’re going to move at the speed of a section a day. Like she literally just “taught” the section and we’re already moving onto the next one on Monday. RIP. A lot of people were pissed off.

Second period was APUSH and I worked on my documentary project. I did some background research on mental institutions and tried creating a storyboard. Not exact sure where we’re gonna go with this, but it’s gonna be lit. Optimism :^)

During lunch I was studying for my Spanish quiz. I kind of forgot we even had a Spanish quiz so yeah. I took a 5 minute nap towards the end of the period and once I finished, I turned into the tiredest person ever geez. Not sure how I got so tired over a 5 minute nap, but I did.

In English class, we were doing Writing Workshop and giving each other feedback. My teacher likes my story so far, but she told me that I needed to reveal more things and instead of focusing on the little details, I need to zoom out and fill the reader in on what the issues are with the characters. I wrote 9 or 10 pages so far and it’s still the prologue. So here’s what I’m trying to write:

  • It’s like a story from two perspectives. These two people ( a guy and a girl) start out as strangers (classmates) and they slowly get to know each other and interact with each other more. They mostly talk to each other once a week during physics class. So like the story takes place on Day 1 and then the next time they interact would be Day 8. So one day after walking to the subway, the guy asks for the girl’s number. The girl gives him the number 800-273-8255 (this is the national suicide prevention lifeline; this is not just in here for the shits and giggles, it actually plays a role later). The guy doesn’t know the lifeline and thinks that it’s actually her number and he gives her his. After exchanging numbers, the guy goes onto the other platform and takes the train home. The girl waits for her train and she goes home. The story starts to change once she gets home because her house is a pretty toxic environment. Her parents are abusive and they’re constantly arguing with each other and taking it out on the girl. The girl spends most of her days locked up in her bedroom crying. On that particular day, she decides to mask her number and give the guy a call. The guy picks up and she starts crying and doesn’t say anything. After awhile, she hangs up.
  • Now we hop perspectives! The guy, whose like almost home, gets a random call from an unknown number. He picks up and on the other end he hears someone crying. He asks if the person is okay, but gets no reply. After a minute, the call ends. The guy is in utter confusion and thinks that he is being pranked by the girl, so he decides to give her a call. He calls the number 800-273-8255 and ends up getting the National Suicide Prevention on the other side of the line. After calling the number and explaining to the operator that he got the wrong number, the guy is even more confused.
  • I don’t want to bore you with the rest of the plot, but basically he finds out that she’s suicidal and one day she doesn’t come to class and she’s on a bridge thinking about jumping off. The guy then rushes to the bridge and he’s relieved that the girl didn’t jump off yet. The girl stands to climb on the railing, but the guy tries to convince her not to. He then confesses that he loves her and the girl is shocked to hear this. She gets off the railing and walks over towards the guy and they have a hug shesh (I know cliche). Everything is fine and dandy until the girl collapses. She is rushed to a hospital, but it’s too late. She dies due to severe overdoes of sleeping pills (the sleeping pills are explained earlier in the story, but I just didn’t feel like writing it).
  • The guy is devastated and blames himself because he may or may not have been an influence for overdosing on sleeping pills (again, explained earlier in the story). News gets out that the girl died, but no one seems to care. Scary stuff. Not exactly sure how I’m going to do the ending. I’m nowhere near done at all.

In Spanish class we took a quiz. Instead of fill in the blank, we had to answer questions to prove that we knew what the vocab words meant. It was pretty easy. Got one question wrong. I put copas instead brindar.

Mr. Lebold wasn’t here for physics and he left some work to do. Being the lazy person I am, I planned on only doing some of the problems. I told myself I was going to do up to problem 32, which is like 3/4 of the problems. By problem 17, I clocked out. I was like, “that’s it, I’m done. can’t do this anymore.” I was really tired during physics. To the point where I was acting a bit too weird. Kept slurring my words lol. A group of people were looking in my direction and I wasn’t sure if they were looking at the board or if they were laughing at me.

After that, we went to the Dodgeball game. Man, this event is hypee as fuck. I didn’t think I would be cheering so much, but boy was I cheering lol. I have a specialty for making high pitch ear deafening noises you know! Being a junior, I was definitely rooting for the junior team. Mike and Jake literally hard carried the juniors to the finals. Special mention to Andrew, the juke master. He dodged like 6 or 7 balls in a row, it was hella entertaining to watch. Anyways the final game was between the juniors and the seniors. The seniors were the defending champions and have yet to lost in Dodgeball. The juniors take the first game, but then lose the next two. The score is 1-2 (Juniors to Seniors). After some intense dodgeball, the score gets tied. It’s 2-2, the reverse sweep dream is real. Play the fucking SILVER SCRAPE BOYS CAUSE WE’RE GOING TO GAME FIVE.

It’s game five. Everything is on the line. The crowd goes wild. You hear chants of “LET’S GO JUNIORS!” and “LET’S GO SENIORS!” Everyone is screaming their lungs out. Voices are being lost. In an epic game five, the juniors win and take home the title. Woot woot. Honestly, I’ve never seen the junior class ever being that united before. Everyone was going ballistic lol. Overall, pretty fun event. I lost my voice though. My voice sounded like I was sucking too much dick :/

Damn can you believe that there’s more to this day that I have to talk about? The fun doesn’t just stop there. Shout out to the people who actually read these post. This one is over 1600 words lol. It’s getting pretty long.

Oh wait something I forgot to mention was that I was suppose to go to tennis practice, but I stayed for the entire Dodgeball game and out of nowhere I see my coach and I thought that she was gonna drag me to practice (I planned on skipping today after the game). Thankfully luck was on my side and practice was canceled!

After the game, we (Me, Jackie, Joey, Vivienne, Felicia and then Tina and Rebecca came later) went to get ice cream. I owed Jackie ice cream because I say things on here that I don’t expect people to read. Oddly enough, Jackie was the only person who ordered anything. She got a Macha Madness (green tea ice cream with like red beans and whipped cream). She didn’t like it LOL. Apparently it was too bitter, which is funny because Joey warned her not to get it, but she got it anyways. Out of nowhere, she pulls out some fruit snacks and drops it into her ice cream in an effort to make it sweeter. Then she asked Joey if she could get some more whipped cream and Joey comes out with the canister of whipped cream and plops it in. After mixing the ice cream and whipped cream, the ice cream started looking really gross.

It was really cold in like the eating area. SUPER COOL! We were sitting under 4 vents with the AC on blast and I was wearing short sleeves and shivering. I borrowed Joey’s jacket because I didn’t feel like pulling out my Stay Puffed Marshmallow man jacket. It was kind of small, but oh well. I might have gotten sick from being in there for two long because like I said earlier, I still feel really cold.

Anyways, somewhere along the line Tina and Felicia left and went somewhere else. I was patiently waiting for my boys Billy and Ziwen, who were both at math tutoring. Goodie2shoes who don’t want to skip :0 and making me wait for them rip rip. I waited like an hour for them and they came around 4:15 PM. We all ordered ice cream~ I got the Banana Pudding, Ziwen got the Strawberry Shortcake and Billy got the Totaro. It was okay I guess.

I forgot to mention that we all got discounts because we were Joey’s friends. Lol, thank you Joey :^) There was that one friendly coworker guy who gave me $2 off instead of $1.

Not sure why we ate ice cream first before we ate an actual meal. Jk, I know the answer to that. It was because Ziwen wanted to see Joey before she left lol.

Oh yeah, apparently Ziwen and Billy ditched Kevin and Yibin. They came a few minutes later. After ice cream Me, Billy, Ziwen, Lincoln, Kevin and Yibin went to eat.

On my way home, I bought a fidget spinner lol. Not sure what I’m going to use it for, but okay.

When I got home I was so tired and fell asleep lol.

THAT’S IT! I’M DONE! woot woot. Once again, thank you Joey for le discounts. I’m still bitter that she purposely chose not to make my ice cream :/ You made Ziwen and Billy’s but just happen to skip mine. I see you :/ Lol, I’m just kidding. Thanks for the jacket, I would have froze to death. Special thanks to Ziwen and Billy for making me wait an hour for you guys. Special thanks to myself because I am cool and special and no one likes me.

Okay, that is all fam. Hope everyone had a nice day and have a nice night too.



oh yeah, go see PSY’s new song “New Face”

Damn this post is 2300 words xd


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