Day 159: Kilometers

Using the same joke twice, don’t mind me. Just being creative 🙂

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. May 10, 2017.

I’m writing this with an increasing headache and I should probably stop looking at the screen, but I don’t give a damn about my health soooo yeah! On with the post~

You know what I love? Getting less than 3 hours of sleep lol. So you know how it was like 2 AM by the time I finished yesterday’s post. Normally I would have went to bed and gotten like around 4 hours of sleep. But unfortunately, due to another life worsening factor that I really have no control over, I was not able to go to sleep at 2 AM, but instead stayed awake until around 3:30 AM. No, it wasn’t because I needed to finish homework or some shit like that. I already finished all my homework by 2 AM. Just some life ruining factor. Basically I got next to no sleep. I tried sleeping at 3:30 AM and actually have no idea when I fell asleep. Now I have no problem going to sleep late/getting no sleep. I’m used to that feeling.

I woke up at 6:30 AM. I didn’t mind that I was feeling tired. Like I said, I’m tired every day so it’s nothing new. What I do mind is waking up with sick. I woke up to another fever. I’ve been getting sick a lot recently actually. I know I have a weak immune system and all, but this is just ridiculous. Like I’m pretty sure I was sick either last week or 2 weeks ago, not sure. Maybe it’s the stress and the lack of sleep. Lol my health is just deteriorating rapidly. Rip?

I didn’t go to school. I took some DayQuil and went back to sleep. I basically slept for most of the day. Once I woke up again, I did feel better. Praise medicine and sleep. I went to do homework and did some SAT studying.

Everything was fine and dandy until like 30 minutes ago. I started feeling like how I did this morning. This headache is actually killing me and my body is ridiculously warm. Like I’m sure I could burn someone’s hand right now. I still have a little bit of homework to do because I obviously procrastinated. I’m gonna try to get that done soon. Gotta get more than 4 hours tonight. Don’t want to wake up sick again. Sigh. It was a good thing nothing happened at school. Lots of kids were missing for the APLAC exam, so no one was teaching anything new.

Okay that’s all for now. I’m gonna use the rest of my energy to do this homework and then go straight to sleep.


don’t get sick fam.



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