Day 156: Allergies

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. May 7, 2017.

Either the allergies are kicking in again or I’m sick again, but whatever it is, it’s annoying. My nose keeps running, my eyes are itchy af and my head hurts. Lol I really hope I’m not sick… all I did was sent 2 hours with a sick person yesterday, germs can’t spread that quickly can they? Please don’t be sick.. please.

I know I was suppose to go to sleep early yesterday and wake up early today, but that didn’t happen. I slept at like 2 AM or 3 AM last night, I don’t remember and woke up at 11:30 AM. I set alarms and even woke up at 9 AM like I was suppose to, but I kept snoozing them because I didn’t want to get out of bed xd.

It got so cold today. The weather was pretty whacky. It was raining on and off today.

I got most of my homework done in the early afternoon. I read my English and then did physics. I tried to do math, but I didn’t understand anything. I miss one day of math class and everything is so foreign. I didn’t feel like trying or reading the textbook, so I did the next best option. Slader that shit 😉 After math, I did Spanish and I was basically done all of my homework… I actually still need to do the second part of my English homework, but I’ll do that after this. I also need to read at least one chapter of that stupid repetitive book that no one actually gives a fuck about. If you ever see “Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be” burn it with fire.

I was reading Oscar Wao and well chapter 5 was basically about how Abelard life went down the drain when he was arrested for shittalking his dictator and then all of his family members died. His wife committed suicide, his oldest daughter committed suicide and his younger daughter got killed by a bullet at church. Cool stuff.

I know I wasn’t suppose to have fun today, but I played a lot of League today too lol. Originally I was suppose to only play one game and then do some tennis, but it was too cold for tennis, so I played lots of games. Net gain of only 32 LP though. Feels bad.

I got my physics test score back. I got a 94 :/ Normally I’d be pretty happy with a 94, but like it’s only a 94 rip rip. I think that means I got like 2-3 questions wrong rip rip. I need some higher test scores so I can inflate my grade before the final comes. I failed my midterm and I don’t want to fail my final, but chances are I will… so I need to inflate my grade. My grade during the 2nd quarter dropped from a 98 to a 92 lol. Maybe if this time I’ll do better on the final and won’t have to worry about inflating my grade :^) Sike.

You ever feel like your life is just a bunch of numbers? What the point of it all?

Oww, my head is really starting to hurt now. I really hope I’m not sick! (PLEASE DON’T BE SICK)

All of my friends are studying for their AP CALC exams on Tuesday. Billy and Ziwen seem like they’ve been studying all day. Poor them.

I started studying for my SATs too. I almost fell asleep as soon as I started lol. Good signs.

Oh yeah, today is faker’s birthday. He’s the best league of legend’s player of all time. Happy birthday fakerrr.

my will to live is ded. tomorrow is another school day. i hate school days. this time i won’t forget my gym uniform. s8fhiofjdosajoej-we-qdk-qkdpaslsk

tomorrow is another day.. sadly.

wanna know a secret? quiero matarme 😉

i’ma go now.

hope you had a nice day. remember to smile and water your plants or else they’ll die and you’ll get upset because they’ll dry up and die and dead flowers are no bueno.

oh wait, one more thing. I want to try one of those Samyang 2x Nuclear Fire Noodles. Apparently those are 2x as spicy as the normal Korean fire noodles, which are hella spicy. I might order them off of Amazon. Just curious if I do, would anyone want one :^)

ok that’s it. adios el mundo~


teach me how to live

wait one more thing xd! I don’t know why, but every time my friend takes a picture of me, I’m always hella shook. Caption this:


mfw ziwen says he’s been playing league all day, but you never see him on once during the day. okay fam, i see you 😉


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