Day 155: Mucho Sleep

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. May 6, 2017.

Give me a few hours to update this, in my series for Silver II :^) Wish me luck hehe!

Okay I’m back. I got into Silver II :^) At this rate, I’ll be getting them e-girls in no time 😉

newsilver2Lol I got lucky today and won 6 games in a row :^)


Anyways, I got a lot of sleep today. Yesterday I went to sleep around 12 AM and slept all the way till 1:30 PM in the afternoon lol. My mom yelled at me for sleeping so late into the afternoon. While I did enjoy all that sleep, I hate it when I wake up so late because I miss so many hours where I could be productive doing stuff like… I don’t know. Stuff.

I didn’t do any type of school work today. As you can see, all I did today was play League of Legends. I was determine to win some games today and damn did I get hella lucky. I feel like I used all the luck I had for this year today. RIP. Tomorrow is absolutely no fun day. I have to do all my homework and do 2 days worth of SAT studying because I played so many games today lol. I have to read a chapter for English, read 2 chapters of this stupid college book that is repetitive as fuck and no one wants to read, do math homework even though I don’t know what the sections is about because I wasn’t there, do Spanish homework because there is always Spanish homework, and do Physics homework because there is always Physics homework too. That seems like a lot of homework lol. Tomorrow sounds like a super boring day. Boo.

Today I also got to play some tennis with Tina. Playing against an actual person is so much better than playing against a wall. I don’t remember how many games we played, but in the end she was like 2-3 games ahead of me. It’s nice that I didn’t get smashed like last time, but I still suck xd. She also tried to teach me how to smash the ball, but that didn’t go too well because I have terrible hand-eye coordination and can’t position myself for shit. That and hitting the ball downward is too hard apparently.

There was also a little kid and his toy car on the court. I don’t know how, but the ball never hit his car once.

Basically I didn’t do anything today. What else is new 🙂

Oh wait, I forgot to mention that Tina is a toxic girl 😦 She basically told me to drink bleach and kill myself. The second person to tell me to drink bleach and kill myself lol. Holy shit, why are people so toxic xd. Granted this is taken out of context, but oh well. Maybe I should. I can’t though, I don’t think people would be too happy about that.

I think that’s it. I still have a month of school left :/ A month left of trying and then during the summer I have to study for a few more test. Sigh.

Life goes on.

I want to take a trip to somewhere lol. Somewhere with a good view. Somewhere where I can just enjoy the view. Somewhere to take my mind off of things. Too bad a place like that doesn’t exist nearby.

Tomorrow is another day. Not looking forward to it.

Alright, I’m done for the day. Hope everyone had a nice day today.



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