Day 151: Uneventful

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. May 2, 2017.

You know what’s my greatest fear? Waking up and finding out that my phone didn’t charge over night. That’s some scary shit! Good thing it was only the phone I listen to music to.. phew~

Today is Tuesday and all the teachers came back. My precalc teacher has been out for 2 days in a row! PAPA BLESS! Can I get a third? I hope so 🙂 Anyways, we were given 20 minutes to finish our test that we took on Friday that was interrupted due to a stupid fire drill. But guess what? Lol, I couldn’t “finish” it. I finished it last Friday and it was already graded. Impressive, I didn’t think she would actually grade these test over the weekend. I got a 98.5, which is pretty good I guess. Although I’m pretty sure I lost 1.5 points for no reason and I think she mismarked something :/! When your teacher tries to tell you that 400/9 is less than 300/9? Okay, sure I may have written 400/9 as (20/3)^2 but still, 400/9 is most definitely greater than 300/9 and I am almost certain that I deserve a 100 lol. Dana got a 99 and that pisses me off :/ Anyways, I guess staying up till 3 AM was worth it after all? Then again, it was a fairly easy test. She made it seem like it was going to be so much harder. I have another quiz for her class on Thursday on a topic that I haven’t learned yet and don’t feel like learning on my own.

In APUSH class we just studied. I’m on currently on Chapter 36, post World War II era. AP test on Friday, oh boy. I’m ready to fail :^)

During lunch I played chess and got smashed by Longteng. I’d be really good at suicide chess hehe.

In English class all we did was talk about paginas en blanco. It was pretty boring and all I wanted was to sleep :/

In Spanish class, we Spanished. I got sniped and didn’t understand what was going on. That wasn’t too fun.

Then in Physics, we had the lightest quiz of the century and we did some physics problems.

After school, I went to the tennis game. Didn’t play an exhibition match, but got some practice in I guess. Remember all that stuff I said about improving and shit? Toss that out the window. I suck again 😦 Either I was having a bad day or I just suck and I’m leaning towards I just suck lol. Playing against actual people is much different from hitting against a wall. I kept fumbling my positioning and missed more shots than I should have. Disappointing :/ I need a person to play against to get the best of both worlds.

Sad stuff. Went 0-6 LOL. Yup I’m a loser :/ Tennis makes me realize that I’m a loser at all aspects of life. Feels bad man, feels bad. Oh well, tomorrow it shall be 1-6 😉 and then 2-6 😉 and then 6-0 ez. Trust in the process :)! Jk, I just need to position better and have better judgement. It was fairly windy today, so that might have had something to do with it, but that might just be an excuse.

Had an interesting train ride home. Instead of the usual anti-social train rides, Anthony made me socialize with him and Lucy lol. We talked about stuff, mostly about relationships (lol not sure why). Lucy kept asking Anthony about relationship stuff and stuff about her crush and I’m just like, “oh it’s gonna be one of those conversations.” And the whole time I’m smiling because I think it’s funny 🙂 and I like to smile hehe, people can vouch for me on that 🙂 She kept asking him some weird questions.

Then she lowkey called Anthony ugly lol and then she called me ugly. I don’t appreciate being called ugly thank you very much. Have you seen a mirror recently? Lol, jkjk I’m not that mean. I’ll have you know, I’m a pretty boy. Even if some people think I’m too dark, I’m still pretty on the inside and outside 🙂 LOL. I can’t even take myself seriously.

It was odd.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Let’s play a game okay? Did I take a 2 hour nap today? Yay or nay? The answer is……………. no! Aren’t you proud of me xd! Day 1 of reform.

Alright, I need to do homework. Hope you had a nice day!


tomorrow is another day and I want to die.

help me fam 🙂




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