Day 150: May

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. May 1, 2017.

Happy May! Damn, it’s May already.. we’re already 5 months into the new year and guess what? I still want to kill myself 🙂 The more things change, the more they stay the same. We’re also on day 150 lol. That’s like 5 months worth of daily nonsense :^)! We’re like 41% of a year.

I just lost a League game, so I’m pretty bummed out. But that’s okay! I love making poor decisions and regretting them later! If only I won though, it would have made me feel better~

You know what I hate? Why is it that when I close my eyes for literally 10 seconds, fucking 10 minutes past? I kid you not this happened this morning. It was 6:30 and I closed my eyes for 10 seconds and bam! Out of nowhere, it turned 6:40. What the fuck? All I did was close my eyes for a few moments and was ready to get out of bed, but there is no way 10 seconds turned into 10 minutes with a blink of an eye. Like why doesn’t this happen is class? Why can’t I dose off and the period is over before I know it? Unlucky!

I was stuck in the auditorium this morning for advisory because people were taking AP tests. It was fucking hot and not pleasant. I hope I’m not stuck there the entire week, that would suck.

My math teacher was MIA today. BLESS UP! No idea where she was. Maybe she was outside protesting or maybe she just didn’t get to school on time. I know that she was here later on the day because I saw her. Apparently I have a quiz on Thursday on a section of math I was never taught. Absolute bullshit because she won’t be here tomorrow, which means I only have one day to learn the material. The fuck :/ I don’t appreciate this. She’s about to get her very own VHS.

Mr. Lebold was here today. Class was ??? as usual. We have a quiz tomorrow and once again, I don’t appreciate this. I don’t get why we need a quiz when we have a test on Thursday. Double the work, double the stress and double the complains from yours truly. Class is like whatever, I don’t even understand what’s going on half of the time anymore. I still have to go study, but that’s okay. I’ll wing it~ My physics grade is actually really low right now and it scares me because the finals are coming and it’s not even a 95 yet :/

My Spanish teacher wasn’t here today (mostly out protesting), but she left like 6 activities to do for classwork and homework. I still need to do that xd!

My Apush teacher was also not here today. Free period woot woot.

I wish my English teacher wasn’t here as well, but she was. We had a quiz, it was light though. You know when you sit in the back of the room and you can’t hear anyone or the teacher, so you just kind of stop trying in class? That happened today. Was in the back of the lab room and I couldn’t hear anyone, so I just stopped paying attention in class.

Oh yeah, I was asking some of my female classmates if they liked cowgirls, but they kept giving me weird looks lol. Not so sure what’s so wrong with asking people if they like cowgirls 😉

I didn’t have practice today for like the 3rd time in a row. Interesting. Coach wasn’t here today, so yay I guess? I have a game tomorrow lol.

Went home with the peeps and we ended up on a train cart without AC. It was hella uncomfortable :/ We were talking about drinking and Korean BBQ. Today I learned Kevin would drink if he got peer pressured to do it. I quote, “I probably would do it if I was surrounded by people who drank.” What a weak soul. Remember peeps, never get peer pressured into doing anything. Also don’t drink and drink~

See, I’m a safety guru. As for me, I wouldn’t mind a drink or two 😉 I’m still out here trying to get someone to get margaritas with me lol. Sometimes I don’t know if I actually mean the things I say or I’m just saying things. I guess there’s only one way to find out, right ;)?

[buy me a drink, water’s okay. I’m healthy :)]

Today Billy was like, “You ever stay up really late and wonder why you stayed up really late?” and I’m just like, “Bitch please, I do that every night :/” I don’t know why I stay up so late, I just do. I’m just used to it I guess.

I need to stop napping! Geez, I waste so much time napping…

I don’t feel like trying anymore, but then again I’m not smart enough to get good grade without trying. Sigh… what’s the point?

Things I need to try for:

  • Restudy for the SAT (must score 1500/+ or I actually might just give up on life)
  • Study for my upcoming test
  • Study for APUSH
  • Study for Finals
  • Study for ACT
  • Study for SAT IIs (Math II, maybe Physics)
  • Save for a Canon EOS M3 or M6
  • Waking up every morning, getting out of bed and dragging myself through the day

It’s May.

I need some inspiration.

I’m just sitting here not wanting to do anything when I have plenty of homework I need to do. What is wrong with me lol.

I have a job interview coming up and I REALLY hope I get this job. It’s solely for the money and kind of looks good on my resume. But I really want the money. You think I can BS it? You think I can charm the interviewer? Fake it till I make it? I hope so… I hope so. I know it’s bad that all I care about is the money, but I really need the money lol. I can’t just ask my parents for a $600 camera now can I? They would kill me.

I hate myself for taking 2 hour naps every day. Lol I used to yell at my older sister for doing the same thing, but look at me now. Sad.

Okay, I think I’m done. Hope everyone had a nice day!


enjoy the great array of chillstep, especially the first track: Andreas B. – I Need Your Love~


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