Day 149: Reminisce

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. April 30, 2017.

Today is the last day of April! Yay? Another month bites the dust. Exactly what happened in April? I’m not too sure lol. Started out with April Fool’s Day, then followed by some drama, followed by my Spring Break where I did absolutely nothing, then SAT scores came out and I lost Billy and finally prom. I guess April was an interesting month. Ehh, I can’t remember if it rained a lot or not. The whole April showers bring May flowers thing.¬†Hopefully May is a nice month too ^_^! Speaking about May, there are like 3 birthdays in May lol.

Okay moving on! So last night I felt a bit sick, so I went to sleep a bit early at like 1 something. Then this morning I woke up with a headache and was like, “Oh no, not this shit again.” The last time I woke up with a headache, I ended up sick and then got surprised with a stupid Spanish song project. So me, not wanting to get sick again, got out of bed, at breakfast and played League :^)

I finally got back into Silver III lol. From the brink of demoting into Silver V to promoting into Silver III, feels good man! It’s the comeback of all comebacks, I’m feeling it! I’m ready for all my e-girls ;)! Although I don’t think e-girls like people who are hard stuck in Silver, but that’s okay. It’s the grind. Give me a couple of months and I’ll be back in Gold and making my way to Plat in no time~ Highest I got was Gold III xd, so Plat V is definitely possible.

Today Facebook reminded me that a lot of things change in 2 years. 2 years ago, I posted two videos from a Skype call. In one of them, Longteng is showing us his closet, which is like a couple of hoodies. And then in the next video, Ziwen was like, “uwotmate?” and then he decides to get his hoodie collection and starts showing his collection to us and it’s funny as hell cause each hoodie, he would say “hoodie, hoodie, hoodie” and it would never stop lol.

I miss those times. The times when we actually 5 man premade and we were all on Skype having a good time. The times were we would just have Skype calls for the lolz. We used to play at least 10 games a day and that’s all we did lol and we enjoyed it. I’m also pretty sure this was the time when Longteng wasn’t depressed and shit.

Freshman year, I miss it and I don’t miss it. Like there were some good memories and then there are some “what the fuck was I doing” memories. And of course like any normal person, I tend to remember the bad stuff instead of the good stuff. I did some questionable things in 9th grade and I really wonder what the fuck I was doing that year because looking back at it now, it’s like super cringey to even think about. If I could change the things I did, I would xd! I guess you live and you learn? I really wish I did more stuff during 9th grade and picked up tennis earlier :L I also wish I took more risk and did things differently, you know.. stuff. Regrets man, too late but still! I mean I can talk about the past all I want, but there’s no point.

Nowadays, everyone’s just too busy for each other. We’re all old now and we actually have to do things now. We’re juniors and we’re about to go to college in like 1.5 years. We gotta get them good SAT scores and get into them good colleges with scholarships and shit. We don’t have time for each other and we barely have enough time for ourselves. I miss the Skype parties lol.

Then again, in 1.5 years that’s not all I’ll be missing. Everyone’s gonna go bye-bye. We’re all going to end up in different places and meet different people and chances are we’re going to disconnect and shit. We’ll have even less time for each other lol. Some of us might not even see each other again.

We’re growing up… RIP~ I don’t want to be an adult.

Moving on! I was playing tennis again xd. It was much cooler today! Today I brought 3 bottles of water and drank them all. What does that tell you? I’m thirsty ;)! I also realized that swinging the racquet parallel to the ground and following through the motion actually does make the tennis ball fly straighter instead of having an arc projection. I think I’m getting better at it, but then again I have no idea. I’m playing against a wall lol. I guess I’ll find out~ I noticed that sometimes when I don’t position myself correctly for forehand swings, I tend to make a 90 degree angle with my elbow and awkwardly strike the ball down towards the net. Backhands are also kind of weird. I’m not as consistently as I am with forehands. Instead of swinging parallel to the ground, sometimes I would swing it down towards the net. Just some things I need to work on. Hitting against a wall definitely helps though. Definitely makes me react and position myself.

Okay one more thing before I shower. Tomorrow there’s going to be a teacher protest. As much as I hate some of my teachers, I find it fucked up how they still don’t have a contract and that their contracts have been frozen for like 4 years now (?). Many plan on using their personal day so that they can protest. High school students can also protest during our lunch period.

I think that’s it for now. I have to go shower and do physics homework and then sleep so I can wake up tomorrow~

Hope everyone had a nice day!



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