Day 144: I Didn’t Miss This

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. April 25, 2017.

I didn’t miss this, I didn’t miss any of this. Can I be sick again? Just for a couple of more days and not be responsible for anything.

You know where it all went wrong today? It’s when I woke up this morning. That’s right, I just had to wake up today :(. I woke up kind of late and also decided to eat breakfast too, so I missed the earlier bus.

I couldn’t fall asleep last night, which was kind of awkward because I was suppose to be sleeping early yesterday. Last time I checked, I was still up at 1:30 AM lol. “Early.”

First period precalc just drains any energy or emotion I have for the day. Each day I wonder why she didn’t just maternity leave, it would have made my life soooo much better. Only a month and a half more of precalc, I can do this. Breathe in, breathe out. I’m positive… Seriously though, watching the clock starts to get boring after awhile. It’s literally all I do in her class because I just can’t stand her. And I’ll never get sick of complaining about her.

Second period APUSH was a “study period” but I didn’t use it to study lol. I was looking up what were considered leadership positions in high school. I got accepted into NHS (national honor society) and one of the requirements is some leadership roles and I have none (so far lol, it’s kind of sad, but like I possibly have 2 in the future). So I was worrying about that because I was wondering what the fuck I could put down for that because you know I don’t want to throw this away just because I don’t have that many leadership roles. LOL, I think I’m really gonna have to stretch it on this one. Oh well someone once told me fake it till I make it, so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. Not gonna lie, gonna stretch the truth ;)!

Leadership is a funny thing. Never really thought about doing it, but apparently schools and programs like to see that lol and I realize this wayyyyyyyyy tooooooo lateeeee. Unlucky~

During lunch I was talking to Nathan and I told him, “I wish I was more like you Nate” (which is probably the most annoy thing he hears because like how is he suppose to reply to that lol). And he was like he feels bad for making other people feel bad about themselves because they aren’t as academically intelligent as he is and I’m just like why would you feel bad? Shouldn’t we feel bad for not being as smart as you? I don’t know. After that, I went to play some chess.

Mrs. Avelin wasn’t here today and we had a sub for English and our student teacher, Ms. Bucu, taught. I like our student teacher so much better then my actual teacher. She’s more chill and fun. Lol we were being mean to her today though. She wanted us to read the beginning of chapter 3, but we kept fooling around and not listening. RIP, we’re terrible students lol. Man, I have an essay due on Thursday and I have no idea how to write it. I’m not even done the reading, so it’s basically one day to write an essay. SOUNDS FUN!

Then we had Spanish class. Ugh, I’m done with Mrs. Gentlesk too. Stupid mini Spanish project from before the test is just sooo extra! I mean, yeah it’s not that much work, but I really don’t need this. Also your directions are terrible lol. They’re so unclear and had to ask like 7-9 different people to get their opinion on whether we needed 10 song titles or 18 song titles and whether we needed 1 adverbial clause with subjective or 10 adverbial clauses. Why Mrs. Gentlesk? Why? I didn’t even study for the test yet lol. I’m so screwed!

Today’s daily question was would you rather be a Persecutor or Defense Attorney. I know in class I was like defense attorney, but I’m not sure which one would fit me better. I think Persecutor is better because I love to flame people :)! I don’t know, thought that was a bit interesting. I hate law and have no interest in law lol.

Then finally came Physics, the savior of my day that’s not food or sleep. We did a sound wave lab where we played around with graduated cylinders, water and tuning forks. It was much better than all the other classes I had :).

I skipped tennis practice today because I’m a bad boy 😉 Lol, jk. I’m just lazy and didn’t feel like doing the indoor practice and plus it was raining and I wanted to get home before the rain started to pick up.

I come home to find out that my younger sister stole $12 dollars and spent $2, which I’m still pissed off about. Like what the hell? What makes you think it’s okay to steal? I don’t get it, I told her this so many times. Stealing is bad… Plus you really think you can get away with stealing from me? The person who keeps track of his money? Lol good luck! I’m still annoyed ._.

I actually started doing my homework early today, but then I fell asleep. Ray’s Law: You’re productive until you take a 2 hour nap.

Okay, I should probably get back to that homework! Hope everyone had a nice day.


That’s What I Like is stuck in my head

EDIT: This English assignment honestly has me so confused. I’m so done, bout to bring a whole new definition to the term bsing.


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