Day 142: RIP

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. This was suppose to be the blog post for April 23, 2017, but obviously that didn’t happen.

This is the second time I missed a daily blog post, the first being that one time when I clocked out at like 9 PM thinking I would wake up at like 11 PM, but nope! RIP, sorry sorry! Once again, I clocked out at like 8 PM, but I have a better reasoning this time, I got sick! Lol, rip.

Okay so yesterday I woke up with headache and still had a sore throat. I didn’t think too much of it and thought it would go away eventually. I woke up around 10 AM, ate breakfast and all and like a good diligent student, I was going to start homework early! So I started reading Oscar Wao and while reading, my head was pounding so I decided to sleep it off. So I took one of those daily Ray naps where I nap too long (3hours) and woke up around 3 PM. Things I noticed, the headache didn’t go away. At this point, I didn’t think I was sick or anything. My body still felt pretty normal, just had a headache.

The C9 VS TSM Final games were going on and being a C9 fan myself, of course I had to watch the games and cheer on my team. I even wore my t-shirt and everything. C9 got smashed game 1 and game 2. After game 2, I started to feel worse. I felt my head and it was on fire. Went to find a thermometer and took a reading. 101 baby! Now a smart person would have decided to take some medicine and sleep it off. But I’m no smart person. C9 was down 0-2 and I had to keep watching lol. My team yo! Game 3 was much more close and C9 brought it home. In game 4, C9 smashed TSM and now the score was 2-2. Down to game 5… C9 was on the verge of reverse sweeping TSM. I even made a tweet where I would buy anyone of my friends ice cream if C9 won. You know when you want your team to win so badly, you just start saying random shit lol.


I’m still leaving this offer up. First come, first serve. Free ice cream xd~ Just come and ask me. This offer was sniped by Jackie rip, stop reading >:(!

Game 5 was sooooo fucking close. SOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING CLOSE. SUPER CLOSE. UGH! It pains me to say that C9 lost. Damn, UGHHHHHHHHH! THEY WERE SO CLOSE FAM! Sigh, in the end TSM beat C9 in a teamfight and closed the game by pushing bot lane. Jensen got zeroed out in the beginning of the fight. RIP RIP! I feel bad for Jensen, he looked so devastated. He’s so fucking good, but never won a title. RIP RIP! Oh well, C9 fighting! WIN THE SUMMER SPLIT FAM!

Lol after game 5, my health just went downhill. It’s as if my body couldn’t handle seeing C9 lose. I went downstairs to eat dinner, which was a bad idea. Ended up throwing up my dinner… So I just took some NyQuil and slept. I felt like I was overheating and freezing cold at the same time. It didn’t feel good.

Being sick sucks. I had a presentation that I was suppose to work on with Billy and Ziwen, but I couldn’t. RIP, SORRY! I really made a huge mistake lol. Oh well. I’m still wondering how I got sick in the first place. Strange, I didn’t go outside or anything in the past 2 days.

Must be the weak immune system kicking in 😦

Well, that’s all that happen yesterday. I’ll work on today’s post now.



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