Day 141: Typical

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. April 22, 2017.

My throat hurts like hell. There’s like this burning feeling in my throat and every time I swallow, it hurts. Result of screaming and having fun, was it worth it? Lol, it was probably from screaming the lyrics to Closer, the only song I knew. I think I had enough tea and honey water for the day. Up to the point where I’m actually sick of it.

I actually didn’t get anything done today. Nothing productive at all. I woke up around 10 AM with a headache and a sore throat and I already knew it was going to be one of those days. For the most part, it was raining the entire day so I couldn’t go outside or anything. So what did I spend my day doing? Nothing! I played lots of League of Legends and that’ about it. Didn’t do any homework or anything. I also fell asleep at around 6 PM lol. Daily naps are the bane of my existence.

Billy’s back! YAY! Well sort of, his profile is still nonexistence, but at least he’s still on Messenger. He asked me to take a depression test lol. You can’t front on me with a depression test. It’s literally the only thing I can beat him in lol. Fight me and my severe depression, you won’t!

Oh yeah, I spent like 2 hours writing a rant. You should definitely check it out. It’s literally titled “A Rant” and I thinks it’s pretty funny.

Guys, I want a new camera lol. I’m always looking up new cameras even though I don’t have the money to purchase any of them. Currently looking at the Canon EOS M3, which is a mirrorless camera with a flip-up viewfinder and has an external microphone input. It also has good autofocus and I want it lol. It’s like 600$ on sale and 900$ normally. Feels bad. Would make for a great vlogging camera ^_^! But wait, Ray you’re life is boring as fuck you have nothing to vlog about. Hey, you right but still. I still want this. I think it would be great for cinematic vlogs. Your boy has ideas, but he can’t execute any of them or test anything out because he’s a broke ass bitch with no moneies 😦 And we all know what happens to broke ass bitches with no moneies, they get not honies. L O L! I’m not to sure where that one was going, I just needed a rhythm. Hopefully everything sails smoothly and I get the job for AAU so I can afford this camera. I really want to a nice working camera for senior year. My plan is to make a nice video with all the wonderful memories of senior year. HOWEVER!!!! Wanting to do that and executing that are two different things lol. A person can dream right?

Yeah, that’s about it for today. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and I’ll be seeing you guys later~

-ray the broke ass bitch with no moneies or honies xd


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