A Rant

Hello. This is not the daily post, this is just a rant because of something I saw on Twitter.


Okay so someone on Twitter said this and it blew the fuck up.

Now some background information so you don’t end up like the people in the comments of this thread.

  1. Hai Lam is a professional North American League of Legends player. He was a former Cloud 9 member and is currently on FlyQuest. He is known to be one of the best shot callers of all time.
  2. BTS is a South Korean group formed around Rap Monster. There are 7 people in the group (Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jungkook, Jimin and Jin). They’re pretty cool and their music is great.
  3. Stans are actually some scary people yo.
  4. If you don’t know what a stan is well, please refer to Eminem – Stan
  5. Here I’ll do you a favor, the song is actually good unlike the people.

Now let’s talk about this tweet… Some context: Hai made an early tweet about how he was listening to more k-pop such as BTS and Jay Park, stating that it wasn’t that bad. “No Kendrick Lamar, but not bad.” Then in the following tweet, he posted “Jk BTS sucks,” which triggered a shitstorm. Tons of BTS fans flocked to this tweet somehow and just started fucking murdering Hai LOL. He done fucked up and it’s funny as hell. It’s like a man army vs millions of fangirls. On the bright side, this is what we call quality entertainment. Now I took the time and went through some of the tweets in this thread. So yeah let’s look at them.

Oh and if I didn’t make a clear enough I like both parties. This is just funny to me ^_^ However, it might look like I’m biased towards Hai, but that’s just because these fans make it too easy. Anyways, onto the tweets!

Example 1: The “No one asked for your opinion” tweets

Ahh, the good old “no one asked for your opinion” response. This is probably the most cop-out response anyone can give. Look, the argument can work both ways. An opinion is an opinion, in the grand scheme of things, no one’s opinion ever matters. That being said, these people are saying no one asked for Hai’s opinion. The same can be said to these fans. No one asked for their opinion either. No one asked if they agreed or disagreed with the statement Hai made. No one asked if they liked BTS or not. No asked them to post a tweet that said no one cared about your opinion. No one asked if you were offended or not. In fact, nobody asked for anybody’s opinion. Like what’s the point of saying this? That doesn’t add anything to anything.

Moving on!

Example 2: The “Who the fuck is this guy/and you are?” tweets

Please read all the tweets, they are all funny as hell. I really hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am. What I’m confused about is how the fuck did people find this tweet if they don’t even know who Hai is? Dafuq are you doing? Like how did you stumble across this tweet? Well I guess it’s probably because they look for keywords on Twitter such as “BTS” and it was probably trending or some shit. Or maybe people were just retweeting it and telling other stans to fucking flame the shit out of Hai. YEAH! FUCK HAI! WOOOOOOO!!! Wait, uh… who again? Who is Hai? Huh? Who am I flaming again? Ah, it doesn’t matter xd! FUCK HAI! His 12 letter/14 character tweet insulting BTS is a good enough reason to hate him!

I’m sorry, I just find this really funny. It’s funny how people can get so upset over something so trivial like this. Let’s talk about the the tweets about Hai not being able to beat a South Korean team. First of all, I’m not sure how this is relevant. Okay, something I forgot to mention earlier, we’re talking about fucking MUSIC here. MUSIC! OKAY MUSIC! Not the fucking people themselves. Different people like different types of music geez. You can’t make everyone like the same music. Back to what I was saying, how is this relevant? What does Hai saying BTS sucks have to do with Hai can’t even beat a Korean team. ??? He didn’t say Koreans suck or anything like that. He just didn’t like their music (?). Huh???

And I’ll have you know, no one can fucking beat a Korean team okay. Korean teams are the fucking overlords of League of Legends with the final boss being SKT T1. Hai and Cloud 9 were actually the first North American team to ever beat a Korean team in the World Champion. So yeah, there’s that. However, nowadays Korean teams are just too strong for literally everyone.

Then that one tweet like “Are you pressed because you’re irrelevant if you don’t talk about BTS?” LOL, I’m sure he gets enough attention already. Speaking about attention, there were so many tweets about Hai wanting attention. I don’t think that he knew what was going to happen to him honestly. Does anything think that when you state your opinion that a fucking mob of hardcore fans are coming for your neck? No lol. Lol, the internet is not a safe place for opinions rip rip. There are people blocking him for no reason lol. It’s not like they’ll ever stumble across his tweets again or some shit like that. But whatever, you do you.

The mob mentality is actually ridiculous though. Oh he said that BTS sucks so we must gather our pitchforks and tell him otherwise. And these fans are proud of themselves for doing this lol. I don’t know, it’s scary stuff. What’s wrong with people liking and dislike things? Can people not have different opinions? Can’t we just like what we want and dislike what we want and have other people respect that? You think BTS would be proud that their fans like to attack people over literally nothing. This one comment made by Hai isn’t going to make every person be like “Yeah, BTS SUCKS!”

But wait Ray! Hai is slandering BTS! (I’m not making this shit up, there were actual comments saying that Hai was slandering BTS with the tweet). All he said was BTS sucks and that is in no fucking way slandering. His statement is neither true or false. You know what we call those? A fucking opinion stupid.

I’ll give props to what seems like the only logical person in this thread which was @OhMy_Gie. Good for you!

Okay, that’s the end of my rant. In conclusion, stans are crazy as fuck people and you probably don’t want to mess with them, but at the same time they’re toxic and immature as fuck and they honestly ruin the fan base.

The end.

I’m ready to get hated ^_^




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