Day 140: Prom!

Hey there, Ray here and welcome to another blog post. April 21, 2017.

Just posting this here to say that there won’t be a post today xd. Going to prom!


Okay, I’m gonna get ready now.




Yoyoyo, it’s Ray from the future. I just came home from prom and I’m tired as fuck. It was a pretty fun night, but I’m exhausted right now. Well, I’ll just quickly write this and then go to zzz.

Okay so after I wrote the tidbit in the beginning, I left to get ready. It was around 4:30 PM and I went to shower and get dress. I didn’t think it would take so long, but it did lol. Shirt, pants, tie, hair, blazer, socks and out the door I went. Lol, I almost left without the corsage. That would have been unfortunate. Anyways, my parents were busy and I don’t have any friends and I’m pretty much a loser, so I took public transportation ;)!

I left the house around 5:10 PM thinking I was late, but I have a knack for arriving perfectly on time. Sendoff was at 6:00 PM and I got there at 6:02 PM. Only problem was no one was there. There were more seniors and non-juniors there than juniors at the time. Probably arrived too early.

Overtime more and more people came. People coming from every direction with their fancy dresses and nice suits ^_^! Eventually my date (Vivienne) and her friends (Tina, Felicia, Jackie, Qian Qian, and Joey) arrived. Lol at first I couldn’t even recognize Vivienne. She wasn’t wearing her glasses (I’m surprised she can see without them) xd! She was gorgeous and her dress was really pretty. If I remember, I’ll post some pictures tomorrow. I didn’t take any, but other people did so I’ll just wait for them to post them.

I finally found out who Jackie’s mysterious date was… it was Danny. RIP, why am I not surprised. I knew it was either Danny or Damon, 75/25. Longteng was fashionably late due to traffic, but he came around eventually. Abel actually came to prom too! I’m surprised he stayed for most of it too. He didn’t seem like he was enjoying it xd!

We exchanged corsages and boutonnieres and then started to take pictures. Lol I tried to be in as many pictures as I could. My philosophy is that if people see me in multiple pictures, it creates an illusion that I actually have friends ;)! Many photos later, we actually get to the venue. Well… I’m kind of disappointed the venue was so small 😦 It felt really crowded sometimes and the dance floor was a bit small too.

Now me, socially awkward and anxiety ridden person, at prom was pretty interesting. I like to think I had fun. Our circle of friends happened to be seated at the same table, so that was pretty cool. We ate dinner first and danced throughout the night. I knew like what? 1 in 10 songs? Why am I so uncultured? Lol, I didn’t know any of the songs or how to dance to any of them or dance in general.

You know part of me is like, “hey Ray dafuq you doing at prom?” and then the other part of me is like, “hey shut your pessimistic ass up, I’m trying to have fun over here” lol. I’ll let you know, I was having fun! oooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhh. Don’t worry! Your boy out there flailing his arms and moving his body like no tomorrow~~~ Call me one of those inflatable wavy balloon thingys. No, but seriously how does one dance? And how does one know the dances to these songs man? Anyone got a list of songs I should really know? Cause just when I think I’m all caught up with current pop culture, old pop culture always seems relevant too.

Wish I got to send some more time with Vivienne ;)! We got to dance to that one Ed Sheeran song. I’m a terrible dancer xd! Oh well~ I uh.. hmm, nvm..

All in all, prom was a pretty fun and interesting experience. Probably would have enjoyed it more if I knew more songs and knew how to dance. Trust me fam, your boy is not afraid to look stupid :)! I mean, I don’t even have to try xd.

Probably the most hyped moment was when Closer was played. Lol, I actually knew the the song and it was a lit song too. Bad Blood was also pretty cool. T Swift my jam. Should of played Blank Space though, would have jumped on stage, get the mic and sang along.

I’m proud of myself for trying to have fun. Let’s just say there were people who went that didn’t even have an ounce of fun in their eyes. Not trying to make fun of anyone or anything, but I don’t understand the reasoning behind going to prom only to sit there and look unhappy throughout the entire night.

I wasn’t the only one having fun though, my boy Ziwen seemed like he was having the best day of his life. I’m not even trying to make fun of him either lol. Seriously on a scale of 1-10 on how much he was enjoying the night, he’d be at like 16 or something. “Honestly at first, I didn’t think I would go to prom. I’m really glad you guys made me prompose to Joey,” he said. Hehe, okay fam. I see you 🙂

A person who wasn’t there, that should have been there was Billy. Why didn’t he come? Well, part of the reason is that the people he wanted to ask were taken (happened twice) and he didn’t feel like paying xd. RIP. Oh well, he was right. Didn’t really notice, but it would have been nice if he was there.

At 11 the party was over and it was time to leave. Said goodbye to some peeps and left with Tina, Ziwen and Kevin. Tina’s dad gave us a ride home (thanks again)! Once I got home, I was greeted with leftovers! Papa Bless! Dinner at 12 AM, let’s go~

10/10, would do it again, but next year it will definitely be better.

And that’s about it. I, law abiding citizen, did not go to someone’s after party were there was alcohol. Jk, I’m not cool enough for that xdxd. I want a margarita. Please, someone. Let’s have a drink ;)!

Oh yeah I stole a stem of roses and now they’re chilling in a cup in my room!

I think that’s it. That was roughly two hours. I hope everyone who went to prom had a wonderful night and got home safely and stuff ^_^ and everyone else a wonderful night too.

I will now go to sleep. So so so so tired. Jumping up and down and flailing my arms around is hard work hehe.



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