Day 139: Dandelion

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. April 20, 2017.

420 BABY! Don’t let your memes be dreams. Da da da da it’s the one and only D O GG, SNOOP DOGG xd!

To celebrate, here’s a picture of a dandelion:

Get it? Cause a dandelion is a weed xdxd! All these dandelions and I still can’t get high :(! Jk, I’m clean đŸ˜‰ I’m a good boy đŸ™‚

Okay enough 4/20 stuff.

Today was a half day, nice. I also had a trip today, nice nice. I still had to go to first period precalc class, not nice. Every day when I walk in to math class, I pray that my teacher isn’t here. 90% of the time I’m met with the face of disappointment though. You know when you dislike someone, you dislike everything about that person? Well yeah, that’s me. Everything she does annoys me in some way. Usually when she walks in, she’s like, “How’s everyone doing” and I would mutter “You know, my day was going just fine until you walked in.” Yeah, I’m petty like that. I’m so glad the year is almost over.

Anyways, we were learning about something. I actually don’t remember or recall anything I learned today. All I had was first period and I was spaced out. I was thinking about how I fucked up and failed that quick quiz I took yesterday. I hate it when I know math and don’t know math at the same time. Damn, I messed up so bad. Hopefully it’s only like a 10 point quiz. One of the problems was a homework problem that I didn’t correct beforehand and the other problem I just fucked up on and did something plain stupid. Oh well, something was going on in math. Not sure what, but something. Test next Wednesday lol.

After that, it was basically time for the trip. The APUSH class was going to the Art Museum. The two classes gathered in the first floor lobby and we waited to take attendance and stuff. I took that time to chug one of those glass Starbuck Frappuccinos because that’s what people do. Eventually we started to get moving and we walked there.

We saw art from different stages of American history. From pre-colonial to 20th century. Some of the stuff was really cool while others were ehhh. Lots of paintings and stuff. Not really my cup of tea, but still some of it was still pretty cool.

However, there was one piece called “The Fountain,” which was literally a urinal in an art museum. Why is a urinal in an art museum? I have no idea. Is it art? It’s a fucking urinal… How high do you have to be to think that’s art? There was a lot of weird things that I don’t think belong in an art museum. Like for example, a wheel on a stool. I don’t see it. It’s a fucking wheel on top of a stool. Excuse me for being dense as fuck, but come on… how is that art? There was also a panel with a red and white rectangle. ??? I really don’t get it.

After the tour, we were dismissed from the museum and I went home. Got lucky and caught a bus. I wanted to go to Starbucks to try that new Unicorn Frap, but I was too tired to get myself there so instead I just went home. And home I went. I later learned that there’s no actual coffee in the drink, so I don’t want it anymore.

Feeling tired at 12:30 PM is a very good sign xd! Once I got home, I just went straight to sleep. My parents thought I was sick or something, but I was just extremely tired. I woke up around 3:30 PM and went to get a haircut cause my hair was pretty long.

After that, came home and washed up. Started doing homework around 5 something. Surprising, I know. Actually doing homework early for once. I still need to do Spanish homework later though xd.

I just spent some more time messing around with my tie. Today I learned that the half windsor knot is better than the full windsor knot. Lol, with the full windsor knot I kept running into the problem that my tie wasn’t long enough. The more you know~ Apparently it’s suppose to thunderstorm during sendoff… RIP! 40% chance of rain lol.
xd. Hopefully, the 60% of it not raining occurs. I ain’t carrying around an umbrella.

Okay I think that’s all for today. I think I’m going to sleep early today ^)^

Have a nice day~



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