Day 136: Tie

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. April 17, 2017.

First day back at school and I already hate it. Why do I even go to school? Get me out fam~ I don’t miss any of it, especially not my precalc teacher. If this was 13 Reasons Why, I would have already been like: Mrs. Sui, welcome to your tape! (Not my joke, credit Faith ). Jk, she would get the fucking one hour special Ray’s Rants. I have a math quiz tomorrow… I should study soon.

I also took an APUSH test today were literally 1-33 was ABCD. It was hilarious.

Anyways, the alternative title to this post was going to be “Smack Daddied.” I actually have no idea what that actually means, but what I’m trying to say is that we got destroyed basically.

Ok so today I played another exhibition match, the second one of the year woot woot. Now originally, I wanted Ziwen as my partner, but Ziwen just had to think he was Angie and ballerina twirled and twisted his ankle. Uh oh, spaghetti oh! There were 5 developing players, so without Ziwen that meant that we had 2 pairs of two. Since Ziwen was injured, I was paired up with Lincoln. Nothing against him or anything, but I rather have Ziwen.

Anyways, I assumed that whenever we played exhibition matches the coaches would put players of equal caliber against each other, especially since they knew that we were developing players. Well, for some reason Lincoln and I were put against these two kids, an Asian guy and a white guy. Now the Asian guy was hella good, while the white guy was pretty bad. The Asian guy hard carried geez. It was the first time I ever had to deal with a serve that curved instead of going straight. The first time he served, I was like: what the fuck was that. I was so used to balls just coming straight at me and wasn’t expecting any curvature lol. Not only that, the Asian guy obviously knew what he was doing. He hit balls back that were in my opinion hard to return, I don’t know maybe because I suck lol. Lincoln and I started 0-2 in game score, but then managed to bring it to 2-2. But that didn’t last long and at the end of it, the score was 4-2 them. Let’s just say Lincoln had a lot of double faults, but whatever. We almost came back from a love-40 start. It went to deuce like 3 times before they got the point.

Okay we got outclassed, whatever. However, I didn’t like the Asian guy’s attitude lol. He ¬†sounded condescending as hell. He tried to tell us that he went from AD-Out to AD-In in one point, while serving on the deuce line and he was talking to us like we had no idea what we were doing. He also called some bullshit faults geez. I was taught that serves that hit the line of the box counted as good serves, however he counted them as faults. The game could of looked much different if that was considered. He was tried to increase his game score even though we were keeping track lol. Trying to tell us that the end score was 5-2 even though we only played 6 games. Okay.

Overall kind of sad we got outclassed, but there’s always room for improvement! Sucks that Ziwen decided to butcher his ankle. A quote from him: “How am I gonna dance [at prom] now?” Lol, true true. Maybe it’ll get better in like 4 days, no biggie.

After tennis, took the bus back to school, which was a bit counterproductive because the court we were playing at was like 30 minutes away from my house instead of the hour and 30 minutes of total travel time. Too bad I couldn’t leave from the court RIP RIP.

You ever see someone you know and then approach them knowing that it’s the person you think it is, but in the back of your mind worry if it’s a completely different person lol. You know how awkward that would be? Well it’s a good thing that didn’t happen today! Saw Tina today at the bus stop and we took the bus home. While walking home, I remembered that I needed to buy a tie, so that’s what I did. I went to Macy’s and got myself a black tie.

And you already know what happens next. That’s right, I went home, hopped on YouTube and searched up “How to tie a Tie.” It took about 10 minutes, but I think I have it down. I also looked up a bunch of other things like how to tie a corsage cause I have no idea and how to pin a boutonniere lol.

Okay, I’m gonna be wise and study for my math quiz right about now.

Have a nice day fam~!


here’s some chillstep from Fiction. It might sound familiar to EXO – El Durado’s background music, but that’s just by pure coincidence. Long story short, both artists used the same sample music and created similar tunes. Or maybe SM plagiarized it, but who knows. Ice XV is such a nice and calming song lol. Do you consider music without lyrics song? Lol I could fall asleep to this rip rip.

Okay ray out~~



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