Day 135: Break 9

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. April 16, 2017.

It’s the last day of my Spring Break, rip rip. Looking back at it, all I did was complain about how boring it was lol. What did I do? Let’s see… I watched Kimi No Na Wa in theaters alone, I ate ramen, I went to Billy’s house and I wasted a lot of money. I guess it was pretty decent. I also got to sleep a lot. Remember that sleep challenge thing? Well toss that shit out the window because I’ve been going to sleep at 3:00 AM regularly for the past 9 days. So yeah, you know what that means. Welcome back already fucked up sleep schedule v2. Oh boy! Can’t wait to miss all my alarms and fall asleep in class! My favorite!

Anyways, today was Easter Sunday. Happy Easter peeps! I don’t know what this holiday is even about, something religious though. My parents dragged me out to church at like 9 AM in the morning. Wasn’t too happy about. I hate church, not my place to be. I rather do other things…

Today was cram day. I had to study for some stuff and do some homework that I didn’t do over the 9 days. I tried to study for APUSH period 9, but I just couldn’t. I kept pushing it back and back and back. There’s so much information. It covers Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama. I watched some videos and that’s basically all I did to study. Can’t wait to cop this C again for that multiple choice! Easy money~ No, but seriously. While I was studying, I legit fell asleep. Like I had a plan. I was going to study for APUSH, then record a video and then take a nap. Well, that didn’t happen. I started to study, but then the studying made me sleepy, so I decided to take a nap and scrap the video. It can wait another week~

Today FlyQuest played Team SoloMid in the Semifinals. They got smashed 3-0. RIP! I was hoping for the epic reverse sweep storyline when they were 0-2, but they kind of forgot to win game 3… Looks like it’s another C9 vs TSM Finals. I really hope that C9 can finally bring home the title again, like it’s been years. GO GO C9! I think they can do it. Can’t wait, it’s next week. Hype!

Alright tomorrow is school and I must ask myself some questions. Am I mentally prepared to go back to school? Am I physically prepared to go back to school? Am I socially prepared to go back to school? The answer is no fam, lol. I’m not ready to go back. I have a new goal for myself. One, don’t fall asleep in class and two, try not to look dead all the time. Sure I might feel dead all the time, but I can’t let other people know I feel dead all the time. Can’t be that hard… right?

Oh right, forgot to mention that it’s fucking hot as fuck right now. It’s like a sauna in my room. Why is it so hot? It’s ridiculous. I mean the warm weather is nice and all, but still… TOO HOT! HOT DAMN! It’s still 71 degrees at 11:38 PM geez. Hopefully the nice weather keeps up for the entire week.

I was suppose to go shopping today, but that didn’t happen.

Apparently it’s suppose to rain soon. Interesting.

Okay, I think I got everything. I need to go pack my bag and get ready for stuff tomorrow. Hope you guys have a nice day! Goodbye~



Here’s the sleep schedule if anyone’s interested. It’s like 11:43 PM right now. Super early if you ask me.

Last but not least, here’s a song! This was the first song that got me into DnB. At the time I was really into techno and trance, so the transition wasn’t that hard. I kind of fell in love with the DnB genre and well my taste for EDM just grew from there. Definitely check it out and check out Feint, he makes great music!

Okay, time to pack and then off to bed.



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