Day 134: Break 8

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. April 15, 2017.

RIP Spring Break! Only one more day left. Tomorrow is dedicated to homework, studying and anything that isn’t fun. Maybe record a video, who knows. Time to get back into the “I hate school” mood, I love it.

So today I walked over 6 miles lol. Don’t ask why. I was too poor to take the bus xd, so it took like an hour to get there and an hour to get back. I also might have wasted a lot of money today, but oh well. It’s actually not oh well, but pretending it’s oh well makes me feel better for wasting money. I still need to get myself a tie, but that can wait.

Besides wasting a lot of time and money today, like always, I really didn’t do anything today ahahaha…. Everyone is so dead today. Billy is still AWOL and with no Billy means no group chat because he just happens to be the life source of the group chat lol. It literally lives and dies with Billy. I wonder when he’ll come back, if he ever decides to come back. Is he really going to study all day? That seems a bit insane… But then again, seems like something he would do. #PleaseComeBackFam.. Oh well, I’ll see him in a couple of days.

Something I did do was watch the Cloud 9 vs Phoenix 1 Semi-finals today. C9 clean sweeped P1 3-0. Easy money. Everyone on the Cloud 9 roaster is a beast lol. Contractz and Jensen popping off. Maybe they can actually win the Spring Split this year. It’d be nice to take back the title. They haven’t won since 2014.

I also watched the new Attack on Titan episode. Why is the series moving so slowly? Also who is the Beast Titan? And why can’t the titans move in the dark?

Lol I said I was going to watch “Erased” during break, but I lied.

I’m just really bored. At least I’ll have things to do when school comes back. I guess that’s it for today. Hope you all have a nice day! Does anyone miss the “xd” and random faces? I tried hard not to use them.

Oh wait tomorrow is Easter. My parents are dragging me to church, rip. I’m not even religious.


more old techno music:

ehhh techno is okay i guess but dnb is so much better


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