Day 133: Break 7


Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. April 14, 2017.

Spring Break is essentially over. No more sleeping late for no reason. No more sleeping in for no reason. Oh how I’m going to miss these days where I did absolutely nothing all day. RIP Spring Break 2017, it was a good run. Now I have to start worrying about school again, which means I have to do homework lol. I have a test coming up on the Monday I get back, oh boy.

Still trying to get over the disappointment that is my SAT score. But apparently someone else is more upset then I am. My boy Billy legit has disappeared from the face of the Earth. He deactivated his Facebook and refuses to answer anything. Rest in peace Billy, please come back fam! Sigh, test scores ruin everything.

Today wasn’t really eventful. Just the typical normal day. One of the last days where I can get out of bed at 11 AM. The only thing I can remember from today was that I was really curious about how some people had really crisp audio in their YouTube videos and I was like, “I wonder how they do it.” So I searched and found this program called VoiceMeeter, which live edits my voice and makes it sound more crisp. It sounds really nice, even though the difference is hard to notice.

Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of animators on YouTube. Billy introduced me to JaidenAnimations awhile ago and at first I didn’t think much about because the video he showed me was about her eating disorder. After that video, I basically binge watched her entire channel and wow, she’s lovely. Love her video and her quirky personality. Plus she’s hella talented and entertaining. Too bad she doesn’t upload that frequently, but then again animations take forever to make. I’m currently watching one her friends’ channel, his name is James or theodd1sout. It’s really fun listening to these funny and interesting stories that these people experience. Especially since my life is hella boring and I wished I had half of these stories to tell haha. Or you know, had the talent to animate stuff. I wish I knew how to draw, that would be hella helpful.

Today I found this random EDM sound while browsing YouTube. It’s calle Alone by Marshmello.

Here’s the 1 hour version because you know, you’ll probably want a longer version anyways! It’s great! My new listen on repeat song. Ignore the fact that at one point in the video, it literally looks like a bunch of KKK members.

What is fashion? How does one look good? Lol, I wouldn’t know haha. Have to do some last minute stuff for prom. Still have to get a tie, maybe a pocket square (not even sure what those are used for besides looking cool), and order a corsage. This means I have to go outside again, rip rip. Have to find a florist shop. I’m not even sure if there’s one nearby.

Do you like warm milk? I felt like I asked this before, but I don’t like warm milk lol. My mom just gave me a cup to drink and every time I drink warm milk, it just tastes weird. There’s always that weird questionmarkable layer on the top. Another random thing I don’t like is the smell of fresh cut grass, it’s disgusting. The other day, while going to the Target with Billy, we passed a guy who was cutting his lawn and stench of fresh cut grass was in the air. It reminds me of cigarettes or something, it just smells gross. Apparently that’s a flavor for air fresheners. Why in the world would you want the smell of fresh cut grass? Ugh.

Hmm, it’s getting late. I think that’s it for now. Tomorrow the new Attack on Titan episode comes out! Woot woot, something to look forward to. Hope everyone has a nice day~ Enjoy the weekend!

okay ray out.



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