Day 131: Break 5

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. April 12, 2017.

It is so hot today!

Okay, surprisingly today wasn’t another boring Spring Break day. Woot woot! Today was actually really fun for a change. I went outside twice in a row! Aren’t you proud of me! You should be, hehe. Jk, no one cares Ray.

Anyways, so today I went over to Billy’s house. I woke up around 9:30 AM and then left at 10:00 AM. Took the bus and got there around 10:30 AM. I was the first one to arrive, tend to do that a lot. We went to Target to get some ice cream and a game. We ended up getting Just Dance 2014 because the Just Dance 2017 was like 40$ and aint nobody got money to blow. We also got some Neapolitan and plain Vanilla ice cream. It was 16.01 but we got some 99 cents gum, so a grand total of $17.

We went back to his place and waited for the rest of the people who were going to come (Lincoln, Longteng, Kevin and Srisa). While we waited, we played some Just Dance 2014. Turns out, I’m pretty good at it. Just kidding, I’m just good at flailing my arms around and getting the “perfects”! Kept beating him lol.

Lincoln arrived around 11:20 AM, but we didn’t hear him ring the doorbell so we made him wait like 10 minutes. Then Lincoln and I played some Just Dance and I beat him too, but only by a slight margin. Then like the other two came around 12:05 PM.

Once they arrive, we ordered some pizza. It took some time to decide what kind of pizza we wanted. I was like we should get 6 pizzas, but then they were all like nah nah nah, that’s too many. Well we ended up getting 6 pizzas anyways… lol. Why does no one ever listen to me? Feels bad. We got like 6 medium pizzas. I trusted Billy that he ordered some good pizzas as I was playing games, but then when I actually looked at what ordered… well…

Billy decided to order plain, BBQ chicken, bacon, mushroom, pineapple, and pepperoni. First of all, who just orders plain mushroom and plain pineapple lol? Plain mushroom? Hmm… And plain pineapple rip rip. Just missing ham lol. It’s like he never had Hawaiian pizza before hehe. Speaking about that, do you think pineapple belongs on pizza? It’s okay, it’s not terrible.

The pizza took forever to get to come. I’m pretty sure Bernard got lost or something because the pizza place was only like 13 minutes away by car, but it took him like 45 minutes to arrive. I get it’s 6 pizzas and all, but it took him 45 minutes after the pizza was done and past the quality check lol.

Eventually, we finally got our pizza. We had a mushroom pizza party. There was too much pizza lol. Who’s great idea was it to order 6 boxes again? Not mine, hehe. I only ate like 4 or 5 slices and then I got full. Billy also made us eat oranges for dessert, which was hella Asian lol. Then post dessert he forced us to all eat Neapolitan ice cream with chopsticks. Lol, I ate too much and basically felt sick for the rest of the day.

Kevin, Longteng and Srisa basically spent their entire time playing Smash. Then randomly Srisa suggested that we should go outside lol. So then Billy lead us through this really sketchy back alleyway to a park area. We played some basketball, but we all suck so that wasn’t that fun. We went back the house and just chilled.

We started to watch 13 Reasons Why lol. Billy also made some diluted green tea in wine glasses. It tasted pretty bad. We then proceeded to chill for a long while. I ate so many bags of Veggie Stix because I’m healthy.. jk. I left at like 6.

Looking back at it, I ate so much food today lol. I have to stop eating so much.

And like usual, came home and fell asleep lol.

Just finished playing some games of League and well like usual, when you have Kevin as your jungler, he never comes top. We had a skype call, but I stayed quiet the entire time lol. I felt like if I spoke, I would become to toxic or something like that. Either way no one listens to me hehe.

And now I’m here, being bored. It’s still very hot. Tomorrow SAT scores come out and well, for the first time suicide might actually be an option. I’m scared.

Well, I’ll find out when I wake up tomorrow morning…



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