Day 126: Break

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. April 7, 2017.

Today was the last day of school before my Spring Break. I didn’t even know I had a Spring Break until like a week ago. Usually they take off days from our Spring Break because of snow days and shit and that usually means we have like 3 days of break. This year we actually have a full week, which is nice and all, but what the fuck am I gonna do lol. Like I’m already hella bored right now.

Haven’t played League in ages and I tried to get people to play, but they all didn’t want to play. Ziwen went to sleep at like 10 PM, which is hella early. Billy was studying for his permit test and Longteng doesn’t like me. What happen to the simpler times when we all had fun playing League after dinner and stuff. The next few days are going to be interesting, I’ll find things to do. Maybe it’s time to make some videos. Just kidding, I quit doing that haha. What to do…

Today was the health fair. It was also the day of a math quiz, but there was the AP pre-registration thingy and I took the risk of not studying because I was too lazy to look over my notes and it was open notes anyways. Well it was a good thing I didn’t bother wasting time studying because the AP pre-registration thingy took forever. Following instructions and filling in bubbles is just too damn hard. I can’t believe some of my friends know how to do BC Calc, yet they don’t know how to take stickers and post them into boxes. Amazing! Filling in bubbles is tiresome.

Then after that we went to second period. In APUSH we just watched another video. Didn’t really pay much attention to it as I basically used the period to take a nap and catch up on some zzz.

During lunch I printed some more stuff out and got my letter of recommendation. Also had tres leches and it was hella good. It was so good, I bought myself a second serving. Four pieces of cake lol. Good stuff!

After lunch, we had a health fair. I didn’t get a single one that I signed up for. RIP RIP. The first one was music theory, which wasn’t too bad. Lol I got schemed. On my paper it said that it was in 402, but I was waiting there and nobody was there. Why do people have to troll me like that. When someone’s 2 is suppose to be an 8.

After that we had this workshop called ThinkFirst were they told us a story about someone who had a brain injury and the process of recovering. Not gonna lie, I really didn’t care for this one that much.

Then the next one was yoga and holy shit, I’m not fit enough to do yoga. Too much actual exercise. Yoga is hard and intense. Like I just came to have a good time and I feel personally attacked.

RIP, the only person up right now who I was talking to and playing true or dare with has left me. Now I’m sad and alone.

After all of that, we had a assembly on eating disorder. I wonder if people I know have an eating disorder. Don’t develop a eating disorder peeps, it’s not healthy. Hopefully I didn’t trigger people by saying that.

That was the end of school. Got pizza with some friends after school. Nothing like eating pizza with some peeps. We also got our Cemetery Project back and I am so triggered by the grade I got. Like I did not work hard to get a mediocre grade. UGH UGH! So pissed off!

Okay my truth or dare partner is back.

My friends were going to see the English Dubbed version of Kimi no na wa lol. I would have went, but I plan on seeing the movie this weekend and also because I had to turn in some paperwork for that summer program. The building was a school full of little kids. Lol, I find it weird entering a different school that isn’t mine. I didn’t know where I was going, only that the person I was trying to find was somewhere on the 3rd floor of the building. I handed in my papers and got some more paperwork. One of them was a background check and I looked at some of these things and they’re so extreme lol. There’s a list of crimes on one side and some of the crimes were like: Commit incest, tried to hide a murder, murdered someone, etc… geez. I’m not that bad of person lol. As I was leaving, I heard some voices down the hall and I was like: is that Vivvy and Rebecca? And what do you know, it was Vivvy and Rebecca lol.

After that I went the bridge and chilled for a while. I used to be afraid of being up so high, but I got used to it after so many times. If you keep looking forward, then the height doesn’t bother you as much. Just be careful of the bikers that might try and kill you before you do yourself. The view was nice. There was like blood or something on the ground. It looked a bit sus. After enjoying the view and seeing cars go by, I went back down. So much walking for one day. I wanted to get some food, but didn’t want to spend anymore money so I just went home. The rest isn’t that memorable. My friends told me that the English dubbed wasn’t that bad, although I don’t believe them.

I took my daily nap at like 6 PM and woke up around 8 PM and since then I’ve done nothing.

Help fam.

Well, I’m done for today I guess. Have a nice day! I feel so bored, yet I don’t feel like doing anything right now.





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