Day 124: Crunch

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. April 5, 2017.

Nothing like waking up from a 3 hour nap… actually the worst feeling in the world because it usually means I essentially wasted 3 hours sleeping, which I could have used doing homework and other things so I can sleep earlier. But, unfortunately that isn’t the case 😦 The daily struggle of not trying to take a nap every time when I get home. It’s hard! That and also trying to stay awake in my classes. Sigh :/

Okay let’s talk about tennis πŸ™‚ Today there was a match against another school, but the developing players didn’t get to play any exhibition matches. I spent a great deal just watching first singles play and damn, our first singles is hella good ^_^. After some courts were cleared, the developing people started to play practice double games. There were five our us, so one person had to sit out each game. I was kind of disappointed in myself today. I had a couple of good serves, but I faltered hard when it came to returning balls. You know how when you strike and hit a ball, there’s a full range of motion you have to go through. Well I keep stopping my swing as soon as I make contact with the ball, which often makes the ball go out or hit net. It’s really annoying too because everything else is fine (hand-eye and positioning), but like the swing is faulty as fuck. 😦 😦 Tomorrow is an exhibition match for 4 developing players. Hopefully I do better tomorrow.

Okay into the rest the of the day, the boring stuff. Having math first period sucks. It’s like the most boring class out of all the subjects and it just instantly puts me to sleep, which is no bueno. So yeah, in math today I was trying to fight the temptation of falling asleep. I sit right in front of the teacher, so getting sniped is really easy and I’m not in the mood of getting sniped. Plus the desks were really small, so I really couldn’t exactly sleep sleep. 😦

Then in APUSH we learned about George H. W. Bush, Billy Clinton (One bucc good succ) and George W. Bush.

Lunch was lunch.

During English class we just went over Act 5 Scene 2-5 of Macbeth.

Then in Spanish class we reviewed the past subjunctive.

In Physics class, we had a spring lab. We had to relate the force of a washer to the mass of the washer. We also had to relate the period of the spring to the mass of the washers. I really wanted to sleep in Physics class :/ I was hella tired at this point.

In Gym class, we just played badminton. I think I’ll just stick to tennis πŸ™‚ Lol, the rackets suck and so do I.

Okay time for the weird random ass section of the post. Do you ever eat crunchy things and wonder if other people can hear it? Lol, just me? Sometimes I eat crunchy things like Cheetos or maybe a Nature Valley Bar and I notice that the internal crunch sound is pretty loud. Then I think to myself, wow this is probably loud to other people and so I proceed to eat quieter. xd xd xd

There’s a difference between being alive and feeling alive. What’s one without the other? What’s the point of being alive if you’re constantly feeling dead and what’s the point of feeling alive when you’re dead?

And now the petty section. So on the bus, I sat next to a bunch of managers and like three or four other tennis players and holy shit were they loud. I had earphones on and I could still hear their fucking monkey noises. Holy shit ._.! And trust me, I play my music pretty loud so that I don’t have to listen to people. If you’re louder than my music, then you need to calm down because that threshold of loudness is probably hurting someone’s ears πŸ™‚

In other petty news, Lincoln keeps trashtalking me, but he can’t even hit the ball or get it over the net. x fucking d?

In gossip new, I’m not even sure if I should take Ziwen seriously anymore xd.

He keeps talking about Joey as if he actually likes her or something, but then when you ask him, he’ll deny it xd.

He kept talking about Joey’s smile and how it was “;)” whatever that means.

At this point, I’m convinced that he likes her.

In meme news, we all now know that Pepsi is obviously better than Coke. Can Coke stop riots? I don’t think so. Can Coke unify people together? Nope.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then look up the Kylie Jenner Pepsi ad.

In I want to kill myself news, well I still do. That much hasn’t change πŸ™‚ See, I’m consistent.

Okay, that’s enough for today. I’m pretty sure I abused the fuck out of these horizontal lines. I still have like all the homework in the world to do. I’m not getting any sleep any time soon. I can already predict tomorrow. I’m going to be tired and sleepy. Siiiiiiiighhhhhhh.

I still need to fill out the application for that summer leadership program thingy. Need to print that tomorrow.

Alright, well have a nice day peeps. Also, smile πŸ™‚ So I can say, “(Insert Name)’s smile is ;)” Call me Ziwen really quick -> Tennis player in the streets, but just a player in the sheets. Geez I need to stop making fun of Ziwen. One of these days, I’ll get reported for bullying him 😦

I should get Ziwen an EastMeetEast account, but then again he likes Joey soooooo…….

Okay I’m done.


here’s a picture of the fabulous nayoung πŸ™‚



I now realize where Jackie got that picture of me from ouo… and I’m the creepy one. Okay xd, I think we’re pretty even.



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