Day 121: Um

April 2, 2017.

I’m honestly not in the mood to write anything right now. I spent an hour writing something, but then I scraped that because I didn’t like it. My mood is just completely gone right now.

I tried writing this post so many times, but I just can’t get a version were I like it.

A lot of things are on my mind right now and I can’t exactly think straight.

I instigated some drama and I feel bad because it escalated into something I didn’t think would happen.

I’m also worried about a friend who might do something a bit extreme over something like this.

The worst case scenario is, I wake up tomorrow and I learn that one of my friends committed suicide. This could be a possibility and I am scared.

The best case scenario is, this drama gets resolved tomorrow, in person.

The other scenarios are, this drama never gets resolved.

I don’t know.

My head hurts.

I feel bad.




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