Day 120: April

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. April 1, 2017.

Today was April Fool’s Day 🙂 Wanna know the best joke of today? My life xd! Hahahahahahaha… me too.

I finally got some good sleep today ^_^ Felt really good to get 8 hours of sleep hehe! Not sure how I survive with 2-4 hours of sleep on average. It’s really bad for my health xd! I should probably stop, but I can’t. I got used to it!

I didn’t really do anything today. Oh yeah, today was Longteng Day! I changed my Facebook profile to Longteng and named everyone in our group chat Longteng in order to celebrate his day xd! Needless to say, I think he was pretty happy being memed.

I also changed my Twitter username to XxNayoungFanboixX. Not sure if people like it or not 🙂 Yay or Nay?

I did like 2 things today: Practice a bit of tennis and watching Attack on Titan.

So I was practicing tennis alone at my local park again. So I can definitely serve the ball better than before, but now what I want to do is serves faster and harder to react to cause right now you can easily return them. I see the advance players and their serves are so fucking clean and so fast and I wonder how in the word do they do it. I wonder… Practicing alone gets lonely xd and it sucks. I want to play tennis with someone! Then again finding time to play with someone is also hard to do because of scheduling and stuff. I would’ve been able to play tomorrow with a friend, buuuuuutttttt my parents are busy tomorrow and I have to watch my siblings xd.

Things I want to get better at in a real game of tennis: Returning the ball with both forearm and backhand. Especially with backhand, my backhands are actually trash and most of them go out. So yeah, there’s that. Play tennis with me ^_^

Okay so the second thing I did today was speedwatch Attack on Titan. My two weeb friends wouldn’t stop :0 Both Longteng and Tina were hella hype for season two and I didn’t even watch season one yet and after I while, I gave in and just started binge watching and I’m currently on ep 11. Only 14 more episodes to go. It isn’t that bad.

Oh yeah, some random girl decided to comment on a two year old picture of Ziwen and his crazy obsessed friend Sarah and she was like, “Your boyfriend is ugly.” And I’m just like, wait a minute this picture is literally two years old, why the fuck are you commenting on it. Also, my boy Ziwen grew up and moved on to a better girl 🙂 And lastly, ain’t nobody call my boy Ziwen oogoolee. ^_^ Without being too mean, I wrote “Have you looked in the mirror xd!” Just a light pepper to let her know that I’m a certified cyber bully who has no friends!

Yeah, that’s about it. I need to finish AoT :^) and then do homework tomorrow.

Hope you guys had a nice Saturday. Kimi no na wa is coming out soon. Excited ^_^

Okay, I go byebye.



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