Day 119: Drizzle

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. March 31, 2017.

The last day of March.

Okay so today I barely got any sleep to start out my day. I was up from 11 PM to 5 AM just doing all my homework. I was doing my APUSH workbook, then my Physics Lab and homework, then my Writing Workshop Play, then my Math Project and then finally trying to answer some hard ass interpretation questions. Now surprisingly, the hard part is not staying up that late, but it’s how you deal with it afterward. At around 5AM I was getting a bit tired so I was like, okay I’ll just set some alarms and sleep for an hour and so I close my eyes for what seemed like a few seconds and then when I opened them again… BAM it was 7:15 AM and I was running late qq.

Moral of this story: Don’t take long ass naps and don’t stay up all night. No bueno. The next day you’re gonna feel like shit. But then again, I feel like shit every day so it didn’t really make a difference.

The funny thing was there was suppose to be morning tennis practice at 7:15 AM. HA! Like I was going to wake up that early for tennis xd. Nice joke fam~ It also turned out that the meeting got canceled, so in the end it’s all good.

Surviving on two hours of sleep is hard and probably unhealthy but it was a good thing that it was a half day today. Random ass half day, but I’ll take it!

In math class people were finishing their projects. Some people had some really nice looking projects that honestly looked a bit extra. Then there were others who like to trigger people by spelling Precalc as Pre-Clc xd. Lol just trying to pronounce CLC makes a disgusting sound. Lol our group just did a simple packet. Hopefully it’s good enough. I was surprised that everyone did their work. That doesn’t always happen, especially when the project was given at the beginning of the week and due at the end of the week.

In APUSH class we learned about Reaganomics. It was boring af. Apparently I’ve been demoted from a puddle/pile of snow to just a random lump. :/ feels bad. Oh well, it’s fitting, cause you know… I’m cancerous xd

Ate lunch with my buddie Ziwen xd. For once it was not alone.

During English we had two people perform a scene in their play. I kind of regret not volunteering to have my scene acted out but oh well.

In Spanish we did Spanish things.

In Physics I took a nap.

Then during Guidance we had that activity again. It was a bigotry defining activity and we had to say the first word that came to our mind when we heard a description and yeah most of the time it was white xd. What was also funny was that our class was sitting according to race. All the Asians were sitting in one corning, the blacks in their corner and the whites in their corner. It was hilarious because it was so coincidental.

Then after school we went to Bonchon. Wasn’t really in the mood xd, was tired as fuck and really all I wanted to do was go home, but I went because I knew if I just left then it would cause a scene and I’m pretty sure my friends lowkey think I hate them or some shit like that, which I don’t.

Had Bibimbap, which is really good ^_^! So many different toppings. I like myself some variety which my 6 or so different types of vegetables and bulgogi and an egg on top. Plus the sauce is really nice too. Would get again, but I’m broke. :/ That moment when you pull $90 dollars out of your wallet and realize damn I could buy 9 meals with this money. Sigh. xdxd oh well!

Oh it was raining the entire day. The rain is cool and all, but it started to pick up, which sucked. There were so many large puddles that I had to walk across. You know what I hate? Wet socks. Gross xd. Walking into a puddle and then getting my socks wet is the worst.

I came home and as usual, I feel asleep. I didn’t miss dinner this time so my mom didn’t yell at me for once xd.

Sometimes I like to play a game call: Will Ray fall asleep? Yay or Nay? It’s like 80/20 I would. xdxd. Ironically all this sleeping is ruining my life :/ and the lack of sleep is also ruining my life.

Oh yeah, apparently they got rid of the eggs on Twitter. That sucks, I liked the eggs 😦 They also got rid of the @username when you replied to people so now it looks like you’re talking to yourself. Why.

I think that’s all. Okay bye bye xd.

Have a nice night~



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