Day 117: Orochimaru

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. March 29, 2017.

March is ending ouo. Sometimes I forget if there are 30 days or 31 days in March so I do that mountain-valley thingy with my knuckles, where the mountains have 31 days and the valleys have 30 days, just to remember xd. Useless information, but now you know 🙂 It’s pretty neat xd.

Okay so let’s start with the title. You know how the most random things can be the highlight of your day? So a kid in my Spanish class just randomly blurbed out Orochimaru to something and I just started laughing because holy shit that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time and what the fuck does Orochimaru have to do with Spanish? And it’s funny because this kid loves to just say random unrelated thing in Spanish class and I’m just like why? Don’t you get embarrassed from that shit? Or do you do it because you like the attention ouo? Who knows. Sometimes it’s kind of cringey and other times it’s just like, I want to facedesk about 10 times.

Okay moving on… So today we started working on our math projects and I ran into the problem of how in the world do I explain things? Like I understand how to do the problem, but my teacher wants a thorough explanation and I’m just like, but all I did was plug in a few numbers and wow it worked out. QQ, I don’t want to write a dumbed down explanation for everything. SO STUPID. SO EXTRA. UGH. On the other hand, I got 2 questions wrong on my most recent quiz so ehh? I suck.

Had a STD assembly. Make sure you guys have protected sex xdxd. Hahaha, not that I need to worry about that xd.

During English class I kept falling in and out of sleep lol. I had to make sure I didn’t nap too long or else my teacher would snipe me and then have an awkward talk xdxd. It was a struggle.

In Spanish class we watched this extra long short film about a guy who wants revenge on the people who murdered his father so he has a duel with the murderer. My teacher told me that our ecotourism project was lit xd. Feels good, even though I don’t feel like I did as much as I could.

Speaking about feel good moments, not sure if I said this, but yesterday my APUSH teacher told me that I had some nice documents for my Cemetery project. Feels good man ^_^!

After Spanish was physics and well we learned more about the Right Hand Rule. I honestly have no idea what the fuck is going on in this class anymore and well that’s a bit concerning because I have a test next Tuesday!!! YAY ^_^ I love failing.

Then I had gym. We climbed some ropes and climbed the rock wall. I suck at climbing… ahahaha xdxd.

Tennis practice was pretty fun today. It feels good to actually play tennis sometimes. And by that, I mean actually managing to get the ball across the net multiple times xd and not double faulting every goddamn point xd. Even though I lost a game 3-6 LOL. Practice makes perfect though! At the end of practice, we played this odd fun game the entire team splits into 2 teams. Then players would 1v1 each other and who every got the point, another member of that team would join the court and so on. The person who loses the point has to get off the court and if there are more than one person on the court, the entire team has to get off. Our team was so close to winning until Anthony fucked up a net shot xd! It was pretty fun~

Coming home took forever. Missed the first bus and then the next two buses were out of service. Just plain unlucky. On the way home, bumped into some of the MOFO peeps. Also something important I learned today. If Tina ever offers you coffee cubes, say no and avoid it like the plague xd. Those things are not edible!

I went home and didn’t go to sleep, shocker~

That’s about it.

I have to finish my part for the math project tonight and then do some Spanish homework. Sigh.

Have a nice day ~~~

Tomorrow is Thursday.




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