Day 116: Feeling Dead

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. March 28, 2017.

I feel completely dead on the inside. I’m so fucking tired right now. Lol, I swear I say I’m tired everyday. Being tired sucks. Literally cannot do anything right now. My body aches so much xd. Ugh Ugh. There’s still so much homework to do! Why am I like this qq. How do I not be tired?

Okay so today in a nutshell was pretty boring.

Today I hate Middle States. I slept the entire period.

First period, math. I was falling in and out of sleep. Don’t know why my group decided to sit in the fucking front of the classroom xd. How am I suppose to sleep like that? Oh yeah, I think I forgot to mention yesterday that my math teacher is extra extra. Instead of just having us take a test, she wants us to do this group project…. I fucking hate group projects ugh. Just give me a test dammit. I know it’s a grade booster and all, but it really doesn’t prove jack shit. What’s going to happen is that we’re going to have those quizzes again, people are going to fail them and we’ll be back at square fucking one. Why can’t I just have a test instead? That way, it kind of shows what each person knows, rather than having it masked over by someone who understands it more or some shit like that. Now at this point I probably sound like an asshole who doesn’t want other people to succeed and to be honest I guess I am. I just don’t like group projects because not only are you helping other people get better grades, other people might be detrimental to your grade. Plus it’s really extra. So basically we have to find problems, solve it and then create an A1 explanation. It isn’t that hard, it’s just I rather it be individual. I don’t know. Okay moving on.

Had the multiple choice part of my APUSH test today. I felt real good about it, which was kind of weird. For the first time in forever, I actually think I did pretty well on it. During the test, I filled in a wrong answer and then went to erase it but then I make a giant smug on my Scranton rip rip. I feel like I can get a B on this 😉

I’ve become a loner during my lunch periods. I mean I’m already a loner, but I’ve become an even bigger one. Lol I spent my lunch period listening to music in the basement. You can probably picture how sad and depressing that might look. Sigh, why don’t I have any friends?

Skipping to physics class. Today we had a lab and we got to play around with these cool circuit thingies. We got to create so many different types of circuits. It was pretty lit xd.

Then after that I had tennis practice. I hate it when we can’t go to the tennis courts. Physical activity is too hard 😦 My coach tried to kill my legs. We had to run up and down the basement 30 times, which wasn’t that bad. But then mid-way through it, we had to gallop side to side and holy shit after a couple of rounds, it really kills your legs.

Then I came home and went to sleep for 2 and 1/2 hours and now I’m at the point of no return. SIGH. I have a workbook to do and that’s gonna take me like at least an hour+. I have Spanish homework to do. I have English homework to do.

WHY DO I FALL ASLEEP SO MUCH QQ! How do people stay awake? I don’t get it. I’m sleepy at school. I’m sleepy out of school. I’m always sleepy/tired qq.

I don’t understand how other people do it either. I see so many people awake past 1 AM in the morning daily and I’m just like: do you not value sleep lol? I’m like the sleep police xd.

Lol Joey came in looking dead af this morning xd.

Okay I think that is all. I need to fix my sleeping schedule. But before that, I need to fix my life xd. I need friends.

Okay, have a nice day peeps. Get your 8 hours of sleep. Don’t be like me 🙂

Be happy. Be healthy. Cheerios :s



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