Day 115: Llama Drama

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. March 27, 2017.

I love me some drama! Especially when I’m not involved in it. I know, what does that make me? A horrible person 🙂 So recently there was some juicy juicy drama that happened and well I’ve been told multiple times that I usually get the story wrong so I’m going to give the super dumbed down version of the whole thing. Basically there seems to be some turmoil with the girl’s badminton team where the captains, who got their positions in the most arbitrary way possible, seem to be doing a pretty shitty job and the members of the team don’t feel comfortable bringing up issues about the team/captains of the team (I’M SORRY IF THIS IS WRONG, THIS IS WHAT I GOT FROM IT).

Now I’m not really gonna go into the drama, but instead I just wanted to give my 2 cents on some random aspects of the drama.

  1. Communication is very important and it’s the key to all problems. If you don’t communicate with people, then you’ll run into problems. It’s 2017, there’s no excuse not communicating with people. What are you? Ray 2.0?
  2. Confrontation is the best way to solve issues. If you have a problem, say something about it. It’s better to solve issues in the earlier stages than let it linger x amount of time. Or the alternative is to make a 20 minute rant video and post it on YouTube and most of us know how that went.
  3. You can’t just appoint yourself captain and expect everyone to be fine with it when there was never any discussion about the topic.
  4. If you happen to appoint yourself captains, at least do a good job? Remember, being a captain is more than just a title, it’s a goddamn job.
  5. Learn to accept criticism. When people tell you you suck, there’s probably a good reason for that and one of the reasons isn’t because you’re doing a good job.
  6. Telling people to fucking come to practice, won’t get people to come to fucking practice. Especially when you sound angry as hell.
  7. Being passive aggressive as hell does not make people like or respect you anymore than they currently do. In fact it scares people away and then you wonder why people don’t want to talk to you about things…
  8. “You better talk shit to us to our face”  To anyone who ever says “oh you should talk shit to my face,” do you really think people won’t come up to you and shit talk you to no return? They just don’t want to bully you or make you contemplate life xd, if they’re talking shit it’s probably because they don’t want to talk to you or they don’t feel comfortable talking to you or maybe, just maybe they’re afraid that they’re going to be yelled at by their “captain” for having a different opinion, for instance: how the fuck are you going to self appoint yourself a captain on the whim?
  9. People have to speak up against things they don’t agree with. Power in numbers. For example, if one person says “I hate you” extensively, it probably wouldn’t mean much because you know, it’s only one person. But if 10 people/20 people/30 people say “I hate you,” then that’s just bullying xdxd.
  10. Playing the victim card and the favorites card just makes other people lose all respect for you.
  11. You done fucked up and now most of your friends are fed up with your actions.

Now obviously I’m not apart of the badminton team or affiliated with that at all, soooooo what do I know? Just some random person giving 2 cents about some drama xd.

R.I.P. Badminton team. Like how the hell are you going to come back from this? Team tensions will be super high. It’s gonna be super awkward. I don’t know.

Early today my friend was being hella passive aggressive in my group chat and now I know why.

I was also gonna talk about something else, but I lost all interesting in it. So here’s a song, which is kind of fitting ;)!

Okay I go do homework now! I spent like over 2 hours with a friend on the phone this afternoon lol. Then after that, I felt kind of tired and took a nap. It’s a good thing I only have like physics and Spanish homework to do so it’s all cool. Hope you all have a nice day and stay clear of llama drama! Llamas and alpacas are cool 😉 Okay, bye bye!



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