Day 111: Serves

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. March 23, 2017.

This post is a bit late, may have procrastinated a bit too much today even though I didn’t have any homework to do.

Okay so more tennis related stuff! Man I should just rename this blog to TennisTales or some shit like that lol. So today was much nicer than yesterday temperature wise, but it was still pretty cold. We were out on the courts again and yeah… Started practice by playing an actual game and then I got pulled over because I sucked too much xd. My coach was like, “Hey you, your serves suck ass. Let me teach you how to serve so you can stop embarrassing yourself xdxd!” So I was pulled aside and then my coach started to teach me how to serve and I have to say, damn was it helpful. So the example he gave me was like picturing a tennis serve like a baseball pitch. The hand motions are similar, starting from the neutral position to behind the ear to over head. It really helped. But then came the harder part, which was actually getting the toss correctly. Lol, I have so many problems with the toss. Too high, too low, too far away, too close… xdxd! I was getting straight roasted 😦 But then after awhile, I started to get the hang of it. Started to feel how a serve should feel, you know? lol. And basically, I spent the entire practice session just trying to hit serves across the net and into the right box. It was fun. Things I learned, I suck at serving lol. I’m getting there, eventually I’ll get it down. I noticed that serving to the deuce court seemed easier than serving to the AD court. That’s basically tennis practice for the day, just serving. I’m determined to get better :^) One step at a time. Can someone donate some tennis balls to me? I have like 3 tennis balls and I need to get more before I can practice by myself at a park or something. There is no way I’m chasing after 3 balls lol. That would take forever and would not be efficient.

Lol I’m so poor I can’t afford buying more tennis balls 😦 😦 😦 It’s like $10 for 12 balls. I mean I would buy them but like in the follow month, I need to spend $160 or so. RIP RIP. That’s basically all my savings right now LOL.

Hmm wondering what else I could talk about… OH YEAH

So right now I’m waiting on Lincoln to give me peer feedback on my Writing Workshop thing and it’s currently 11:50 PM and it’s due tomorrow and the boy is nowhere to be found. What the actual fuck! 😦 Like I did his this morning at 1:30 AM because I was like, “It would suck if I procrastinated on the feedback.” Where the fuck is he???? I still have to write a revision plan based on the feedback and I don’t have the feedback and it’s like approaching late hours 😦 😦 😦 😦 I was planning to go to sleep early today because I had no homework but now I can’t because Lincoln decided go MIA. How rude ._.

Oh yeah.. one more thing. I swear when you listen to a song over and over again, the chances of liking the song increases or something. So there’s this song by PRISTIN called Wee Woo and at first I was like, huh this is an odd song, but then I kept on listening to it and then it just caught on.


She’s my favorite ^_^ I think her name is Nayoung. Check out the song on YouTube, too lazy to


sigh. I’ll stop.

Have a nice day fam.



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