Day 109: Naps are Evil

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. March 21, 2017.

Naps are evil. I’ll get into that later.

Okay so today I had those two assessments I was talking about yesterday. A math quiz on unit circle stuff and vector stuff and a physics test on circuits. I didn’t really study for either of them because I live life on the edge and I think I know the content well enough that I don’t have to study.

Okay starting with the math quiz. I thought it was easy, although knowing me probably made a stupid mistake here and there. Overall I felt like I know what I was doing. It was like 20 questions in 15 minutes. Pretty straight forward. Only one hard question was when there was a vector of <0,-4> and I didn’t know what direction the vector was heading in. I put 270 degrees from the positive x axis cause it’s going down. I don’t know. I felt good about it. HOPEFULLY THIS SHIT DOESN’T COME BACK. Sick and tired of the unit circle stuff. Although free points, so I guess I should be complaining.

The physics test was like towards the end of the day. I heard that it was “doable” and that we had to make our own circuits beforehand. I felt like this was one of the more easier test too. I either got 100, got 1 wrong or completely failed. There’s no in between. I was feeling pretty good. Once again, this test was pretty straight forward. There was like 6 sections, 17 questions. Series, parallel, series-parallel, Kirchhoff’s Law and then making our own circuit with an effective resistance of 22 ohms. The last question was probably the hardest question on the test. It was like, how do you get an effective resistance of 22 ohms using only six 10 ohm resistors. I was staring at this problem for so long because I kept getting a combined total of 22.5 ohms and I’m like, wait did my teacher make a mistake? Why the fuck do I have .5 ohms leftover. Then I realized, what a minute. I can have multiple in series and then have those in parallel and then have one in series alone. So it looked something like 10 + [(1/30)+(1/20)inverse] = 22 ohms. Feels pretty good fam. I don’t know but I need to get a 100 to raise my grade to potentially a 97 or 96. Grinding hard in physics 😉

Something weird that happened during English class. So my English wanted us to share lines that we created for Macbeth with other pairs of people and I’m looking around the room to see who I could share with and I make the slightly eye contact with Anna and then she literally jumped at the opportunity and was all giddy to work together. Like damn, uhh??? It was honestly a bit odd, she seemed so happy when she was like, “Hey Ray want to share lines?” Strange. Lincoln, my partner, was said that she likes me and I’m just like, please no xdxd. Not her. Anybody but her. Plus I’m not interested xd.

Okay tennis story time! So today there was practice again. Back out on the courts even though it was a bit cold. We had freshmen mentors again. I heard that they’re like top 2, top 3 so damn. Feels bad when top players have to mentor noobs. Like usual, I actually still suck at this game. Today we practiced mostly serves and well… Let’s just say I need some more practice xdxd. Can’t exactly get the ball to go where I want it to go. I’m not hitting the ball with the center of the racquet. Stuff I have to fix up, but it’s gonna take some time and some practice.

Okay something funny. So my boy Ziwen was trying to impress one of the freshmen, her name is Anna (not the same Anna!!). Only problem was that instead of impressing her, he was the one impressed. And by impressed, I mean (HE LIKES HER xdxd). At first I was just joking, but then after awhile he admitted it. xdxdxd. So yeah, Ziwen’s into a freshmen tennis player who is just out of his league xd.

Something less funny. My other boy Lincoln sprained his wrist so he can’t play tennis anymore rip rip.

In other news, according to my tennis managers, I’m not trustworthy? Umm hello? I’m not trustworthy? Wow that hurts :0 I think I’m trustworthy! Like all they were doing was gossiping with this guy named Jason and then one of the managers was like, “wow I feel like your a trustworthy guy unlike Ray, whose probably eavesdropping on our conversation” and I’m just like ??? First of all, no I wasn’t eavesdropping, I was talking to some peeps on Messenger. Second of all, ??? How am I not trustworthy? Like I don’t go around tell people’s secrets to everyone. I don’t remember the last time I did that. In fact, I don’t tell anyone anything and as some of you may know, that’s very apparent. In other words, just tell me some secrets and juicy gossip okay? I need something to laugh at besides my life.

Okay, like always I need to finish my homework. I took a nap when I got home and forgot to set some alarms….. so of course that meant I overslept xd! I have like 25 questions for math.. save me fam! Then I need to give some feedback to Lincoln for English.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and make sure to give me some juicy gossip. Geez, I can’t believe someone would think I’m not trustworthy xd. #hurt jk, I could care less.



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