Day 108: Spaghetti

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. March 20,2017.

My body feels like complete spaghetti right now. Like my limbs are nonexistent and every part of my body is sore as fuck. Not to mention, I just woke up from a nap lol. I told myself that I wasn’t gonna go to sleep and then boom, out of nowhere, I fall asleep. Please save me šŸ˜¦ I feel extra gross right now lol. I need to shower like asap.

I have two assessments tomorrow. I have a physics test and a math quiz. The physics test is on circuits and shit, which seems pretty simple enough. It’s a 17 question test. The only thing I’m not too sure how to do is this Kirchhoff’s Rule stuff. What happens when you have two power sources??? Something something matrices. I don’t know any of it. Well I still have a couple of hours left.

The math quiz is a requiz on unit circle stuff and stuff on vectors. I really wish my teacher would just stop bringing back the unit circle, I’m sick and tired of that shit. Like I can’t come up with these values that quickly. I have to think about them. You know what, just get rid of these timed quizzes geez. I have another quiz on Friday on stuff I just learned today. Like goddamn, just you can’t just go from literally no quizzes to quizzes every 3 days. šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦

While reviewing for the quiz today, my math teacher made lots of mistakes, which is a sign that we’re all gonna fail again. Seriously though, I really don’t want to do this unit circle stuff again. I got lucky the first time, I don’t think I can get lucky two times in a row. That’s really pushing it.

Everyone was hella sick today. My boy Lincoln was sick. Tina was sick. Jackie was sick. And I’m pretty sure Rebecca was sick too. Rip Rip, I hope I don’t get sick again. Like I only got better recently too (like 2-3 weeks ago). Lol, I feel a bit lightheaded though šŸ˜¦ Is this a sign? I have a weak immune system too, sigh. Please, I don’t want to get sick again.

Oh yeah, so today during tennis practice I got rekt by freshmen. Feels bad, they’re so good! One day I’ll get good, one day. My friend Ziwen was trying to impress the freshmen girls, didn’t know he was into freshies xd. Not sure what Joey would say about that… I suck hitting backhands. Also I have no idea what a split sit is or what the practical use for it is.

After practice/on the way home I stopped by a Rita’s for that free water ice. I wish the free water ice portions were bigger šŸ˜¦ Like come on, help a dying high schooler out šŸ™‚

Kind of forgot today was the first day of spring. It doesn’t feel like spring, it was very chilly today. Speaking about spring, what’s your favorite season? I like fall lol. Fall is honestly the perfect season. Not too cold, not too warm. It’s hoodie season. Leaves are falling. The color orange is everywhere. It’s a great time. Spring is okay too I guess. Warm weather is nice until it just gets uncomfortable.

Last thing for today cause I’m on a time crunch and it’s almost 11PM. Does anyone have any happy sounding songs? Lol my playlist is full of sad depressing songs. It’s either nightcore, dnb or just sad teenage angst songs. For example, Faint by Linkin Park :^)

I am a little bit insecure, a little confident
Cause you don’t understand
I do what I can, but sometimes I don’t make sense

Like the happiest song is probably one of the three TWICE songs I have lol. I need some happy happy music for my train rides. Gotta brighten up the mood. Can’t start out my day wanting to kill myself from the get go. Then again, who am I kidding? I look dead on the inside and outside EVERY day. Especially in math class where I’m like holy shit I hate this class so much and the more my teacher talks, the more it tilts and annoys me lol. Physics is probably the only class that I truly enjoy, which is odd because a lot of people just hate physics but I think it’s pretty cool.

Lol I kept singing “Let Me Love You” it’s stuck in my head!

Okay I go shower now. Have a nice day everyone and remember, make sure to get 8 hours of sleep a day :)! HA



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