Day 107: Sunday

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post! March 19, 2017.

I’m very creative with my titles as you can see 🙂 No but seriously, when nothing happens it’s hard to come up with titles xd.

I posted a new video today! Ray’s Rants #8: The Miscellaneous Edition… Basically it’s random as fuck xdxd.

Lol one night I fall asleep at 9PM and then the next I’m up at 2AM in the morning doing I don’t know what. I was struggling to get out of bed today. Too tired to actually get up and go eat breakfast. I just kept going back to sleep, even past all my alarms.

Today was a very quiet day, as are most Sundays. All my friends were basically MIA for the entire day, doing I don’t know what. As for me, I spent the day just playing MapleSaga. That’s right lol. League of Legends gives me too much cancer that I resorted back to playing MapleStory private servers lol. I’m still trying to find new things to do but yeah, can’t seem to find anything.

I wish I had a bike so I could just bike around the neighborhood or bike somewhere with a nice view and just enjoy the scenery lol. Too bad the bike dream is slightly delayed because I decided I wanted to go to prom xd. RIP $90 QQ. Someone pay for my ticket please, I’m too poor for this xd. You think if I told my parents it’s for a math competition too, they’d pay for me? Hehe. I didn’t even tell my parents, which is kind of a bit suspicious. Then again, I rarely tell anything to my parents. Yeah,it’s a rather strange relationship.

Speaking about dreams, the bike dream is followed by the GoPro dream and also the drone dream. Lol, I also wanted a Hero 5 Session and a Phantom 4 but that costs lots of money $$$. Maybe if I find myself a job.. hmmm…

Speaking about dream dreams, I had this weird dream last night lol. So I was on the phone talking with someone when all the sudden on the other end of the call, I hear screaming and gun shots. Then some random person is on the line, tells me to look to my right, so I look to my right and there I see the person I was talking to previously. Except this person now had a gun in their hand and was like 2 seconds away from shooting me. So then, the person shot me and then the reality around me started to collapse and I was falling. I stopped falling after awhile and then my hands were covered in blood with a dead friend in my arms. Freaked me the fuck out and then I woke up shook as fuck.

Weird. Not sure there were lots of people dying.

Moving on… Today RM and Wale dropped a collaboration:

Another song you should listen to is Pizza by OOHYO. Lol found this song on my Facebook feed yesterday. A friend liked the post and I was like, hmm what is this. It’s pretty neat and hella catchy!

Main take away is, “Pizza sucks without you”

A new store opened in Chinatown that sells like giant Chicken (or was it pork) cutlets and fried squid. I want to try it out when I get the chance ^_^! Too bad I have tennis practice every day LOL. Rip Rip. Sacrifices. It sucks when you can’t just freely do what you want to do, like eat giant chicken cutlets for example.

Okay, I still have English homework to do. Oh yeah, I remembered one last thing. I learned something. Deactivating all my social medias is probably not the best idea. I don’t know what my goal was to be honest. It was an impulsive decision. I was kind of sad and just didn’t want to deal with people so I was like, okay fuck social medias and I want to die in a hole. Then I realize, oh wait I see everyone tomorrow… fuck. Yeah doing something as rash as that just brings too much attention. Once again, I’m sorry for doing something so stupid. Sorry if I made anyone worried with my odd behavior. I promise I’m not an attention whore, well in a way I am, but unintentionally. Yeah, I’m just weird.

Okay now I go do English homework. Hope you guys have a nice day!




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