Day 106: Saturday

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. March 18, 2017.

I feel like my weekends are boring as hell. How do I spice up my weekends? I always see people doing things on their weekends and I’m just here like damn, what do I do? Today I had to chance to go to someone’s house with friends and then go to the movies but I turned that down because I feel like I would ruin the mood. I felt like I was bound to do something to fuck things up.

Lol, I have a feeling my friends low-key or maybe even medium-key hate me xd. Yesterday I left them to go eat ramen and I’m pretty sure they’re still upset over that. They wanted to get ice cream and I wasn’t really in the mood for ice cream or argue my way out of it so I was like if they want ice cream so be it, I’ll just go get ramen by myself and that’s what I did. Yeah, maybe that wasn’t the best idea but I really didn’t want to just get ice cream. I mean, I really didn’t trek all the way through the snow for ice cream ._. especially when I was promised that we were getting actual food.

Maybe I’m being selfish but I don’t see anything wrong with me going off myself to get ramen. Like whatever, if you don’t want it then so be it. I don’t know.

I also want to say I’m sorry for acting weird lately. I’m sorry if I made anyone worried. You guys can all stop being worried. I’m fine, really. Trust me! 🙂 Yeah I know I might have done some suspicious things, but they’re all impulsive decisions. I really am fine. No need to worry!

Recorded another Ray’s Rant video which should be coming out tomorrow. It’s a bit random but whatever. The hardest part of doing something is actually sitting down and doing it lol. Took forever to get myself to sit down and record the video. Such lazy xd. Same thing goes for exercising. I’m so lazy but I need to do it!!!

I think I’m slowly losing my sanity playing League. I really need to stop or play something that’s more fun. Anyone have any suggestions on things that make them happy or something? Any games or activities? I’m at the point where I’m like, fuck why do I play this game besides to waste time.

You know what’s a really good songs? Sum 41- Open Your Eyes

This song is literally me. Plus it’s catchy! Take a listen 🙂

Lately, I’m not quite myself
Maybe, I do need some help
Trust my confusion
Trust my delusions
Don’t you, regret you met me
Go through, these steps to get me
Back to where we start
‘Fore I fall apart
If I could blackout, it’d become so clear
Standing face to face with everything I fear
Watch so closely, but still I don’t see
As bad as it seems a piece of mind I’d steal
An ordinary life the consequence is real
I’m past the point of reality

Alright, I’m tired lol. Let me put my video together, shower and then stalk the twitters. Hope everyone had a nice day. I seriously need some fun things to do xd! I wish there was something to do. I mean there probably is, just I can’t seem to find an activity. Okay bye bye.



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