Day 105: Ummm??

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post.

So yesterday I fell asleep from 9PM and I literally just woke up like a couple of minutes ago at 8 AM. Lol, it’s the first time I went to sleep that early. No one woke me up or anything. So strange. I wonder how tired I must have been cause holy shit I just slept for 11 hours undisturbed from 9PM! Do you know how early 9PM is??? That’s like 4-5 hours earlier than what I normally sleep lol. All I remember was I was hella tired around 8:45 and then at 9 I closed my computer to take a “nap” and boom, next thing I know, I woke up and look at my watch and it’s 8:15 lol.

With that being said, yesterday was the first day I missed a blog post! Tragic. I was 104 days strong and then that random power nap came out of nowhere geez.

Anyways, the most important take away from yesterday was, your boi got a 100 on his physics quiz! You know you did well when your teacher gives you a sticker :^)! Lol it’s kind of funny, I started with a 85 and now I have a 94 xd. If only I didn’t fuck up on that first test, my average right now could be like 97-98. RIP RIP. Trying my best in physics :). Sometimes I feel bad for Mr. Lebold. No one pays attention in his class and then people wonder why they’re failing physics. Everyone’s off having side conversations or on their phones and shit. Lol sometimes I just nap in his class and he doesn’t say anything but then again, I still study and get them decent grades so I don’t think it bothers him that much lol. I literally slept the entire class period yesterday and he didn’t say anything. Strange.

Also I ate ramen yesterday. It was good. I was from the best that you should order a small ramen and then get extra noodles :^). It’s like 2.5 servings and it costs less than the actually large noodles. AMAZING!

That’s all I remember. I tried to go visit my favorite bridge but there was just too much snow and ice around so it wasn’t worth going.

Yeah, that’s about it.





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