Day 102: Snow Day #2

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post! March 14, 2017.

Happy Pi Day peeps! 3.1415 something something. Hope y’all had some pie today because what is Pi Day without pie? Well it would still be March 14 but yeah…

It snowed today woot woot! Love me a snow day xd. I woke up super late today, around noon-ish. This is the second snow day of the year, which sucks lol. Only two snow days the entire year! Where was the snow in December and January lol? Nowhere! It’s funny because last year, it snowed during March too. The weather is wonky. Global warming rip rip or some people like to call it a ruse created by China xd. Shoveling hard snow is such a chore.

I spent most of the day playing probably one of the most unhealthiest games on this planet: League of Legends. I demoted from Silver III to Silver IV. I’m actually garbage or just really unlucky. I can’t seem to win. Like I’ll always win my lane but lose the game. Sigh, I just want some better teammates 😦 😦 😦 Maybe I’m the problem… but I find myself consistently doing well. Like I flub once in every 5-6 games. Sigh. My friend told me not to lose my sanity when I told him I was going to play solo queue. Lol, nice joke. How do people have the mental stability to endure terrible teammates and rapid LP decay?

I kind of regret doing my homework so late. I procrastinated too much. It’s like a love/hate relationship. I love procrastinating because it gives me an excuse not to do something but then I hate it because it’s addicting to do. I’m still doing my homework as always. Right now, I’m in the middle of writing a letter of recommendation for some obscure person during the 1960s. The person I have just happens to be a singer who loves to do heroin. How exactly am I suppose to make that sound good? I’m not too sure. Honestly, I find this assignment to be a bit pointless. Seems like a lot of busy work. Totally not needed in my life. Lol, I’m struggling to get the 500 word requirement. I also need to make a presentation for this person too. Ugh ugh. And I still have Spanish homework to do ^_^!

Oh well, on the bright side, there isn’t tennis practice! Hehe! There better not be, there’s snow everywhere! Better not make me run around the school a bunch of times and also do more suicides. Geez, I fucking hate suicides 😦 They’re so tiring! One’s okay, but two is killer qq.

Oh yeah, I’m excited for tomorrow! More on that tomorrow.

I’m gonna go tackle this 500 word busy work. Hope the peeps have a nice day!

-Ray, the one and only busy sunflower~

btw this is a really nice song by Feint! If you like DnB, you’ll love this. Either way, it’s really nice music:

To impress her-it’s too damn hard
To stay loyal without going too far
If I see her again promise I won’t

oh and thanks to Liz C!
sometimes i forget this is my domain haha


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