Day 101: Exhausted :(

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. March 13, 2017.

I feel so tired 😦 Help me, drifting off to sleep xd.

So I found out who the mysterious person who was reading almost everyone of these posts. After figuring that out, I proceeded to get roasted by this person. She told me that I needed to get some friends that I can vent to and that I was super emo and petty. LOL! Welp, can’t disagree. Finding friends to vent to is too hard because none of them probably care. Being depressed is something I can’t get over and well being petty is the only way I live life to some extent. RIP why do people have to roast for me for being depressed 😦 qq so mean xd.

Okay moving on… today I had another timed math quiz. It was on vectors. 17 questions in 15 minutes. Roughly 1.13 questions per minute. I finished and got to check my answers this time. I didn’t think it was that hard but then again, maybe I made a mistake here or there. Timed assignments are complete bullshit! Like let me take my time answering these questions fam :)!!

Then the next period had another quiz. A physics quiz on circuits. It was 3 different types, series, parallel and complex. I think I did well on it and this time I rounded up so there’s no way I’m getting points off for sigfigs!

Oh yeah someone wrote some weird ass messages in Billy’s notebook. Which include: “Twice sucks. Tzuyu’s ugly. I’m buying pizza for Caroline.” and a bunch of keks. Odd.

The rest of the day wasn’t that important.

Tennis practice killed me today. Stupid captain and coach made me do so much running today! Had to do laps around the school 😦 From the 1st floor to the 5th floor back to the basement back to the 5th floor again and had to do that like 6 times today. Then we had a relay race. Then we had to do like 2 suicides. 😦 I got lightheaded and almost died. It was no bueno!

I was so tired coming home today.

At least tomorrow is a snow day! Woot woot! Let it snow~

I’m tired.

-Ray, the one and only tired sunflower~


One thought on “Day 101: Exhausted :(

  1. Hi Ray… You can write about anything you want here. It’s your blog. Any reader who doesn’t like what they see, should just walk away. This is your space.

    Blogging is therapeutic, and if it helps you.. it’s a good thing.

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